5 thoughts on “Antony Blinken”

  1. On the subject of failures, that floating pier to deliver relief supplies to Gaza is the subject of frequent ridicule on the Web.

    I say it has been a resounding success. My belief is that the pier was a carefully planned act of passive aggressive military action from our armed forces. Nothing good could come from getting our forces involved in the Gaza conflict–think Lebanon and the Marine barracks. The “failure” of the pier has stymied an even bigger failure from the civilian command over the military.

    1. Maybe. The problem with that is the military takes the hit, and frankly, the military is in a bad place generally….

      But the POTATUS Pier is the wrong tool, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason. The only pier equipment set we have, and now it’s not deployable…and where is the money to refurbish it or replace it?

    2. Participation medals all round! Maybe POTATUS can have Obama put one around his neck before taking him by the arm and guiding him safely off the podium.

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