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  1. The US is multicultural despite the author’s claims to the contrary:

    The U.S. is not—and never was—a “nation of immigrants,” nor is it now or was it ever a true multicultural society. Historically and culturally speaking, America is a nation founded by Anglo-Protestant Puritan extremists during the initial stages of classical liberalism’s formation in the 17th and 18th centuries. Early classical liberalism is an Anglo-Protestant-derived system of political thought nearly from beginning to end. The country’s overfocus on the individual, obsession with a “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” Protestant work ethic, and constant pursuit of moral purity all derive from the nation’s LASP—liberal Anglo Saxon Protestant—point of origin. Having a bunch of “ethnic” restaurants or multiethnic casting in Hollywood films and corporate advertisements does not a multicultural society make.

    For anyone living in the US, unless your ancestry is pure native American (possibly with a little pre-Columbian Viking), then your ancestors immigrated to the western hemisphere some point in the last 530 years. The US wouldn’t exist at all without those European immigrants.

    Significant parts of the southern US such as Southern California, Texas, and Florida (with more where that came from) were founded by a Catholic monarchy system. The entire US was earlier settled by native Americans. There was a significant slave population prior to the Revolutionary War (at the time of the first census, there was almost 700k slaves. Even most Anglo-Protestant immigrants weren’t Puritan.

    So even prior to the founding of the US, there was a huge population of people other than “Anglo-Protestant Puritan extremists”.

    It didn’t get any better after the US was established with large populations of Irish and Polish Catholics, Jews, Chinese and Japanese, and people from every country and inhabited region of the world. That’s before living memory. And most of those people had hardcore work ethics too.

    The problem with modern multiculturalism is not that the US isn’t multicultural, but rather that there is an egregious bias with some cultures recognized to minute detail and others just casually blobbed together and vilified. It’s not an attempt to study or appreciate the many different cultures of the US, but rather an ideological takeover attempt.

    1. Did you read the entire article or just the beginning? The article explains what is wrong with “wokeness” and how it is actually a racist ideology posing as anything but racism. Wokeness is Bizarro World which is the point of the article.

      This from the article is not nonsense and makes this point.
      Wokeness is a system of myths. Yet its accompanying rhetoric of “white privilege” and “white fragility” isn’t harmless. They are terms of hate. All people of an ethnic or religious group do not do anything. There is no universal ethnic or religious experience. Such claims—no matter who they are directed at—are ahistorical, unscientific, and anti-intellectual. They are the essence of racism. People forget the racial mythos of the KKK and the Nazis was chic among wealthy elites during their time. Wokeness and its photo-negative ideology is simply the racism en vogue now. Fashion, while nearly always nonsensical, also is not harmless. Today’s woke ethnopolitical mythology—like that of the Klan and the Nazis—demands a thought process intent on destroying everything in its path until its dream vision is actualized.

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