“A Good Man”

The BS about Biden is thoroughly deconstructed.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Now they take on the BS about Biden’s “accomplishments.”

He’s been a disaster.


[Thursday-morning update]

John Podhoretz makes the case for schadenfreude. It’s pretty compelling. This couldn’t happen to a more awful political party, at least in this country.

[Bumped again]

[Update a few minutes later]

This is hilarious. As Gutfeld said yesterday, it’s like the Biden family is holding the Democrats hostage, and the media is negotiating. “He wants an In’n’Out! He wants to talk to his daughter. He’ll only talk to Clooney.”

[Noon update]

Dems facing the abyss within the abyss.

7 thoughts on ““A Good Man””

    1. Lol, you fell for the hoax that Biden was healthy. Someone you didn’t vote for is using the powers of the presidency. Doesn’t it make you upset that your own party thinks you can’t be trusted to vote and that you are such a gullible sucker that you believe whatever they tell you? Doesn’t it make you angry that your own party has a puppet as President?

      Does how you were lied to by your own party cause you to question what else they are lying about?

  1. “Biden’s not getting senile. He’s always been stupid, and he’s just gotten better at it.”

    Of course Miss Lindsay had good things to say about Brandon. I betcha if you look a bit, you’ll find him saying nice things about Robert “Kleagle” Byrd and Edward “Lifeguard of the Senate” Kennedy and Al “Hands” Franken and a bunch of the other reprobates who have been his colleagues. Graham is a prime example of the people who keep putting the stupid in the Stupid Party.

  2. From end the second link– “Joe Biden is the worst president in American history and a man whose lifetime of accomplishments wouldn’t fill up a Post-it note.”

    I disagree. Unless Brandon’s actions after the election get us into a civil war, Buchanan (D) is still the worst.

    Then again, his main lifetime accomplishment, “Borking”, does fit on a Post-it note.

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