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The Democrats’ Nixon.

Can you imagine what the press would have said if Nixon had said, “I and my lawyers have reviewed all the tapes, and we’ve turned over what we thought was relevant, and burned the rest”?

To add to the irony, if Zeifman could have fired her for lying during Watergate, he would have.

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A remembrance of Clintons past.

The Clintons and the acceptance by the Democrats (and media) of their criminality and corruption in the nineties determined me to never support a candidate of that party again. I wrote about “that nineties show” a couple years ago.

Controlling The Populace

You’re probably breaking the law right now.

…we may hope that prosecutorial discretion will save us: Just explain to the nice prosecutor that we meant no harm, and violated the law by accident, and he or she will drop the charges and tell us to be more careful next time. And sometimes things work that way. But other times, the prosecutors are out to get you for your politics, your ethnicity, or just in order to fulfill a quota, in which case you will hear that the law is the law, and that ignorance is no excuse. (Amusingly, government officials who break the law do get to plead ignorance and good intentions, under the doctrine of good faith “qualified immunity.” Just not us proles.)

I don’t find it all that amusing. The whole federal code needs to be overhauled, in accordance with the Constitution. And it does seem unconstitutional, and a violation of mens rea, to prosecute and convict people for laws that they can’t reasonably be expected to have knowledge of.

The Bergdahl Fiasco

It really does have a little bit of all of Obama’s flaws and lies in it:

If you were compiling a checklist of all the things that drive conservatives crazy — and by conservatives I basically mean people who are (a) paying attention and (b) not enthralled in the Obama cult of personality — the Bergdahl story would achieve a near-perfect score.

…Invoking high-minded principle? Check! Really motivated by partisan and ideological agenda? Check! Made-up facts? Check! Critics denounced as partisan ideologues opposed to high-minded principle? Check! Group-think-driven White House’s failure to anticipate the political downsides? Check! Flagrant contempt for Congress and its laws? Check!