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Racist Conservative Soccer Hatred

Jonah has some thoughts on the idiotic notion that conservatives don’t like soccer because they’re racist. I agree with him that most anti-soccer animus is just backlash against “progressive” soccerphilia, much of which derives, I suspect, from a knee-jerk multi-culti worship. It’s not an American sport, therefore it is to be admired. I am indifferent to soccer, but I do enjoy poking fun at it, only because it stirs up the right sort of people:

it seems to me that Zirin is displaying that all too common tendency among leftwingers to assume that if conservatives dissent from liberal affections and priorities, it must be because conservatives are evil. A far more plausible and good faith explanation for the conservative reaction to soccer can be found in the liberal overreaction to soccer. It seems to me that most of the conservatives I know who make a fuss about the World Cup (I should say a “make a negative fuss,” since I know quite a few conservatives who love soccer and the World Cup. I am not one of them.) do so because they are sick of being told how soccer is the future; how it’s elegant and sophisticated and cosmopolitan. As with women’s professional basketball, journalistic and other elites tell the masses they’re supposed to love it – and they just don’t. Moreover they resent being told to “evolve” in their sports tastes. Now, tastes change of course, and soccer will undoubtedly grow in popularity. But being told that all the smart and decent people love something is a sure way to get the Irish up in a lot of Americans. I am willing to concede that some conservatives get carried away in their anti-soccer tirades, usually just for fun, but I’d very much like to see a few more liberals admit that at least some of the soccer-mania here in the states is driven by a faddish desire to seem hip and worldly.

But we know that any disagreement with “liberals” has to be rooted in racism, right?

[Update a while later]

Per some comments, I would note that my sports preference is for a game with strategy and time to contemplate the next move (e.g., football, baseball). I have an extreme dislike for any game with continuous motion with the point of getting a ball/object into the opposing team’s goal. That is, basketball, hockey…and soccer.

Maybe It Wasn’t Rahm?

I wonder if one might infer from the White House behavior that Sestak’s job offer was made by the president or vice president?

It’s technically an impeachable offense, but there’s no way this Congress would do anything about it. Anyway, the nightmare scenario would be a president Pelosi, which wouldn’t be rectified until 2012, regardless of what happens this fall. Maybe Issa should just let sleeping dogs lie. So to speak…

The Meek May Inherit The Earth

…but he doesn’t have a prayer in Florida:

With reports that President Obama’s support among Jewish voters has dropped by half, one can’t help but think that poor Kendrick Meek is paying the price for the buyer’s remorse over Obama that some Democrats are experiencing these days. In a private discussion about condo Democrats supporting Crist, one highly placed and in-the-know Democratic strategist put it to me this way: “The disenchantment that community privately feels towards Obama makes it very unlikely they will support another black Democrat anytime soon.”

As evidenced in the latest Rasmussen poll, moderate Republicans are coming home, and Marco Rubio is again leading a three-way race between Rubio, Crist and Meek by a significant margin, leaving the Democrats alone to kill one another.

What kind of an idiot would vote for Charlie Crist at this point?

A Florida Democrat.

Here We Go Again

Remember 2000, when everyone was partying in 1999 as though it were the end of the century and millennium, even though it had another year to go? Well, I was reading the American Airlines magazine this morning, and the monthly column from the airline president said that it was his last of the decade. And of course, Newsweek says that it was a “decade from Hell” (presumably because much of it was presided over by the BusHitler), also implying that it comes to a close at the end of the month. I’m not going to go through the explanation again, but the decade doesn’t end until a year from now.