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…as the Millennial religion:

The Millennials can’t remember very much – and they don’t learn very much either. It’s easy being hot for socialism or communism when you actually have a very little idea of what it is and what it did throughout the 20th century. And the Ys have that ignorance in spades; one third of them think that George W Bush killed more people than Stalin and 42 per cent have never heard of Mao – but over 70 per cent agree with Bernie Sanders. Some research suggests that only 15 per cent actually have a correct understanding of socialism. It’s not just politics; the Millennials are the most woefully undereducated and miseducated generation in a very long time. To be fair, that’s not strictly their fault; that attaches itself again to their Boomer grandparents who have been in charge of our failing education systems during this time. Combine the modern indoctrination-cum-dumbification taking place in schools and universities with the attention span-killing impact of information technology and social media, and you have a barely literate cohort, which is simply not equipped with the necessary mental tools to learn about the real world even if they wanted to.

Any surprises that socialism is now nearly synonymous with Gen Y?

This is a disaster.

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Socialists are parasites.


How Dumb Is AOC?

I think she pegs the meter. As Sarah Hoyt notes, blondes are telling jokes about her.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The rebirth of socialism: Where it came from, and how to stop it.

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I suspect that AOC will be successfully primaried after this latest jamming of both feet in her mouth. She just cost her constituents a lot of jobs.

[Noon update]

The worms are starting to turn on her.