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How Dumb Is AOC?

I think she pegs the meter. As Sarah Hoyt notes, blondes are telling jokes about her.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The rebirth of socialism: Where it came from, and how to stop it.

[Late-morning update]

I suspect that AOC will be successfully primaried after this latest jamming of both feet in her mouth. She just cost her constituents a lot of jobs.

[Noon update]

The worms are starting to turn on her.

This Face Does Not Exist

Every refresh gives you a different AI-Generated face.

This isn’t scary at all. It strikes me, though, that they still can’t do realistic artificial voices, so at least voice actors will still have jobs. I also wonder how well they can do facial expressions.

BTW, I was at the Space Transportation Conference this week in DC, and didn’t have much time to blog. Just got home last night, in time for Valentine’s Day dinner (which we iron-chefed from stuff in the freezer and fridge: Steak and shrimp, with a nice merlot, and some Godiva that I bought at DFW).

[Update a few minutes later]

[Update a while later]

OK, so they’re not perfect.

[Update a few minutes later]

OK, this is nightmare fuel.