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Some Lives Matter

In which a Democrat presidential candidate is berated by Democrats for being insufficiently racist:

By stoking the division of identity politics, the Balkanized tribes which comprise the progressive movement are tearing into each other. Lily-white Bernie fans are lecturing black activists about MLK. Hispanics are upset that trans persons are getting too much stage time. Union members are trying to stop Uber as wired millennials look on with incredulity. Liberalism is eating itself.

Despite the media’s insistence that leftism is ascendant, Democrats continue to climb further out on a crooked limb of the crazy tree. And when average American voters see a seemingly mainstream candidate apologize for saying the obvious truth that “all lives matter,” they’re going to give the GOP another look.

Well, hope springs eternal.

[Update a few minutes later]

Fear and loathing at Netroots Nation.

Fear and loathing are the only thing they really excel at.

The Fake Black NAACP Leader

Somehow, this story reminds me of my old satire about Trent Lott:

In a prelude to his upcoming appearance on BET, he appeared at a sparsely-attended press conference outside his local office, resplendent in a colorful daishiki, with his formerly shellacked hair frizzing freely in a three-foot diameter “afro-style” hairdo.

“As you all know, Bill Clinton was the first black president. Well, I’m the first black Senate Majority Leader. It’s truly a proud day for the Republican Party and the African-American community.”

“I know that many of you will be surprised to learn that I was ‘passing’ all of these years. It was a deep, dark family secret.”

“My great-great grandmother was a house nigra on a plantation outside of Biloxi. My great-grandfather was a mullatto, my grandmother was a quadroon, and my mother was an octaroon, which makes me a hexidecaroon. As all of you from hereabouts know, just a touch of one hair of the tarbrush means that I can never be truly white.”

I guess life imitates art, or something.

[Update a while later]

A lot more links: “She’s trans-black. Don’t shame her.”