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Jews And Terrorism

Let them defend themselves. As Glenn notes, the proper response of the Jews in the thirties, rather than handing in their guns, would have been no-limit open hunting season on Nazis.

Meanwhile, the Senate is trying to rein in all of the anti-Second-Amendment actions of the administration (and some states). They should just abolish the ATF.

[Update a couple minutes later]

As always, easing restrictions on guns didn’t increase bloodshed in Illinois, either. These gun grabbers are always wrong, but they never learn.

Anza Borrego

We spent yesterday checking out wildflowers in Henderson Canyon, then driving up to Font’s Point, over to the Salton Sea, and back through Ocatillo Wells. Today we hiked up Palm Canyon, saw a lot more flowers, birds, and desert bighorn sheep (just a couple ewes, not rams). We also discovered how out of shape we were. Recuperating now, heading back to LA tomorrow. We clearly need to do this more often.

What strikes me about these desert communities, like Borrego Springs, Salton City (also Cal City up north of Mojave) is the boundless optimism of the founders. They’re huge, with lots of roads laid out ready for building, perhaps decades out. The optimism in Salton City was expressed in the street names — Marina Blvd, Sea Isle Lane, Ocean Avenue, you get the picture. Unfortunately, in the past few years, the lake level has receded a hundred yards from the planned shoreline. It was a depressing place.

In Borrego Springs, there are a lot of wealthy new estates, with little oases of palms and and palo verde. Most of the street names are ranch brands — Tilting T, Double O, Frying Pan…

It was interesting to see a part of California I’d never explored for thirty-five years, only a couple hours away.

Hillary’s Press Conference

Asche Schow has eighteen questions.

They all seem pretty reasonable to me, assuming that she’s a presidential candidate.

Ron Fournier, on the other hand, only three questions (like the three rules of real estate, though with some others): “What are you hiding? What are you hiding? What are you hiding?

Maybe, after all these decades of criminality and corruption, the media is finally turning on her.

[Update a few minutes later]

Voters have Hillary concerns.

As well they should.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The press conference threatens to be a media fiasco.

That’s probably the intent.

[Update after the big event]

[Update a few minutes later]

Here’s a pretty good live blog of the trainwreck.