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The Sex Recession

A long but interesting dive into why young people aren’t getting it on. Among other things, it confirms my long-standing suspicion that ubiquitous porn is making for a lot of terrible and painful sex for women, because too many men think that what is depicted is normal, or expected. And the sad thing is that many women apparently just accept that as the way it is. Anyway, modern dating sounds awful, in part thanks to #MeToo, particularly on campus.

Space Conferences

I’ve been busy for the past couple days, and will continue to be, with first the Space Settlement Summit, and starting today (and concluding tomorrow) a meeting of the Moon Village Association. For those who want to participate, the latter will supposedly start to be live streamed at 8 AM PDT, but I don’t know the URL. I’ll update when I get there and find out what it is.

[Update after conference start]

Here is the livestream. Scott Pace is speaking.