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The Unmasking Probe

Sharon Atkisson asks what ever happened to it?

I’d like to think that Sessions is doing more than appears, and perhaps there will be an October surprise.

[Monday update]

As noted in comments, Strzok was (finally) fired today.


Space Force

Yes, we need one, or at least some entity dedicated to space. I don’t understand why they keep saying a “sixth branch of the armed services,” though. Are they calling the Coast Guard an “armed service”? I don’t think that’s right.

[Update a while later]

Only Nixon could go to China, and only Trump could go to space.

Not sure he’s being entirely serious.

[Update late Sunday evening]

OK, one more: How we can own the libs on space.

By the way, Jim Bennett’s analogy in comments is useful, and I did a Twitter thread on it.

BTW, for those who corrected me legally in comments on whether or not the USCG is an armed service, my concern is that by lumping it in, it fails to make crucial distinctions. It’s certainly a uniformed service with an academy, but it is more intrinsically civilian.

Brennan And Clapper

Yes, pull their clearances; they’re dangerous, partisan hacks.

I will note, though, that there’s been a lot of confusion on this issue. One does not need to work for the federal government to have a clearance, and one doesn’t intrinsically give it up when one leaves government service. When someone leaves the employ of a contractor to go work for a different one, their clearance goes with them, and often when someone leaves government service, they retain their clearance so they can work on classified projects in the private sector, or as a consultant. But those two clowns have abused their privileges, both in office and out. I think they should not only lose their clearances, but be in jail.

Russian Jamming

They’re testing their latest weaponry on us in Syria:

“All of a sudden your communications won’t work, or you can’t call for fire, or you can’t warn of incoming fires because your radars have been jammed and they can’t detect anything,” said Laurie Moe Buckhout, a retired Army colonel who specializes in electronic warfare.

“[It] can be far more deadly than kinetics simply because it can negate one’s ability to defend one’s self,” she said.

But we’re also learning from it. Great story from Lara Seligman.