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Want To Restore Article II?

Elect Donald Trump:

We are in the last few weeks of a presidential campaign that presents the most horrible choice on offer in our lifetimes, and perhaps in American history. The worst things that each major-party candidate say about each other are largely true. The next President to take the oath to defend and preserve the Constitution will very likely either be someone who despises it (particularly the first two amendments of the Bill of Rights), or someone who has almost certainly never even read it. Both of them have high public levels of disapproval, and a large swathe of the nation will loathe the next president, regardless of who wins. That is where we are. But there may yet be a glimmer of hope.

My thoughts, over @ricochet.

[Friday-morning update]

Related thoughts from Ace:

So both are bad actors. The question which remains is: Which bad actor will be more restrained by the political establishment of Washington DC?

You can’t judge a predator’s ability to ravish an environment without looking at the environment in which that predator operates.

Trump, if these allegations are true (and even if they’re not — he’s still shady and megalomaniacal) is a jackal being released into a swamp full of alligators looking to devour him.

Do I fear the jackal abroad in the swamp full of alligators? Well — no. No I don’t.

I almost pity him.

This jackal, being megalomaniacal, may think he can bully and beat up the alligators.

The rest of us know better, and know this particular jackal will be a warm, full feeling in someone’s belly by the dawn of the third day.

Clinton, meanwhile, is a jackal being set loose in a field full of sheep with no defenses (any Republican or Christian unprotected by the elite power structure) and a pack of ravening jackal minions who will gladly join her in hunting and tearing apart the sheep.


[Late-morning update]

Trump the transgressive candidate. I do think he is unique to the moment.

[Saturday-morning update]

Let me make the point a different way. Mitt Romney liked to be able to fire people. The American people should like that, too. Trump is the only one of the two to whom we’ll be able to say “You’re fired!”

[Sunday-afternoon update]

I hadn’t noticed this at the time, but David Galernter was thinking along the same lines about the same time (though I actually pointed it out months ago):

Mrs. Clinton is right at home in the Oval Office and thinks she owns it. She holds herself entitled to supreme power, as her friends are entitled to fancy positions with enormous salaries and her followers to secure government jobs or ample government funds, as the case may be.

But forget psychology. Ordinary politics says that Mr. Trump will not do crazy things or go off half-cocked, because Republicans in Congress will be eager to impeach him and put Mike Pence in charge. That was the subtext of the vice-presidential debate, though Mr. Pence himself (probably) didn’t intend it. When it’s my turn, you can all relax. Democrats, obviously, will be eager to help when the task is removing a Republican.

Impeachment is Trump-voters’ ace in the hole. It’s an abnormal measure, but this is an abnormal year. Impeachment has temporarily dropped out of sight because of special circumstances. Republicans impeached Bill Clinton but got burned in the process; Mr. Obama, as the first black president, was impeachment-proof. Any other president would have encountered serious impeachment talk on several occasions, especially when he ignored Congress and the Constitution and made his own personal treaty-in-all-but-name with Iran.

As I pointed out, she will be impeachment proof as well, because a) she’s a Democrat, b) she’s a Clinton and c) any attempt to do so will be decried as “sexism.”

Conservative Reasons To Vote For Trump

Five of them. I agree, even though I think he’d be terrible. Especially on the last one.

[Sunday-morning update]

Since the topic has come up in comments, it’s worth noting that while Trump talks dirty, Juanita Broaddrick still relives her brutal rape by Bill Clinton. And expect the Democrats (of which she, like Kathleen Willey, used to be one) to continue to attack her and imply that she is a liar, or a “narcissistic loony tune,” as they do with all of his victims.

[Update a few minutes later]

Hillary is (faux) shocked, shocked at Trump’s crude language. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

[Late-afternoon update]

Juanita Broaddrick wants to be believed.

And the Left and the Clinton mafia want to victimize her again.

[Monday-morning update]

A reminder of what Hillary did to Kathleen Willey. It’s who she is. It’s what she does.

Political Correctness

Without it, we might not have a terror problem at all.

My confidence in the FBI is pretty much zero at this point.

[Update a few minutes later]

Speaking of the FBI, nothing that Comey says about the Clinton investigation makes any sense. Well, if you assume the fix was in from the beginning (as she told Brett Baier), it does.

[Update a few minutes later]

From (Democrat, AFAIK) Jonathan Turley:

Of all of the individuals who would warrant immunity, most would view Mills as the very last on any list. If one assumes that there may have been criminal conduct, it is equivalent to immunizing H.R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman in the investigation of Watergate.

Why, it’s almost as though there was no intent to seriously investigate.

This is gangster government, and it will only get worse if she gets into the White House. At least Trump will be more likely to be reined in by Congress (perhaps even impeached and removed).

[Update a few more minutes later]

Good question, from a smart prosecutor: “What more would she have had to do to get you to prosecute her?”