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The Bergdahl Fiasco

It really does have a little bit of all of Obama’s flaws and lies in it:

If you were compiling a checklist of all the things that drive conservatives crazy — and by conservatives I basically mean people who are (a) paying attention and (b) not enthralled in the Obama cult of personality — the Bergdahl story would achieve a near-perfect score.

…Invoking high-minded principle? Check! Really motivated by partisan and ideological agenda? Check! Made-up facts? Check! Critics denounced as partisan ideologues opposed to high-minded principle? Check! Group-think-driven White House’s failure to anticipate the political downsides? Check! Flagrant contempt for Congress and its laws? Check!


Jews And Terrorism

Let them defend themselves. As Glenn notes, the proper response of the Jews in the thirties, rather than handing in their guns, would have been no-limit open hunting season on Nazis.

Meanwhile, the Senate is trying to rein in all of the anti-Second-Amendment actions of the administration (and some states). They should just abolish the ATF.

[Update a couple minutes later]

As always, easing restrictions on guns didn’t increase bloodshed in Illinois, either. These gun grabbers are always wrong, but they never learn.

The State Of The Union

Things fall apart:

The Bergdahl story actually has several layers of horribleness. The first was the prisoner exchange, which would have seemed a bad deal even if Bergdahl had been innocent of any wrongdoing—bad because it involved negotiating with terrorists, releasing captives of extreme dangerousness (five of them!), and also bad because Obama had omitted giving Congress notice although he was bound by law to do so. Then there was White House intransigence and denials in the face of mounting—and extremely compelling—evidence that Bergdahl was a deserter, which had become clear quite early on. Then there was the delay in charging Bergdahl, which was rumored to be the result of White House pressure on the military not to charge him. And maybe there will be further travesties, such as an exoneration despite convincing evidence of guilt.

But worst of all, really, was how the story dropped off the radar screen relatively quickly. That was understandable, though, because so many other terrible things were happening. That’s part of the plan, of course; to get us to play an ever-escalating game of whack-a-mole.

I realized back in 2010 (see the last paragraph of this post) that a second Obama term was to be dreaded because he would then be released from the need to answer to the electorate at all. But the electorate bears some responsibility too, as does the press and Congress. Why oh why are not more people screaming out that the emperor has been completely naked for quite some time now? And that really wouldn’t be strong enough, either, because a naked emperor may just be a fool (with foolish subjects willing to play along). This naked emperor is also malevolent.

Indeed. And sadly, too many fail to see it. Or they share the malevolence.

[Update at noon]

OK, better post title would have been “State Of The World.” Saudi Arabia and Egypt are on the verge of invading Yemen.

Obama’s War On Israel

This was just the latest attack:

The United States has just revealed a stunning amount of information on some of Israel’s the most closely guarded secrets: information about its military cooperation with America and 20 years’ worth of details on Israel’s nuclear technology development, up to the 1980s.

The 386-page report, composed in 1987 by the federally funded Institute for Defense Analysis, (an NGO that operates under the Pentagon), is titled “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations.”

It was declassified by the Pentagon in early February — but oddly, the report has been redacted so as to black out or withhold everything the Institute wrote on America’s NATO allies — but to reveal all that American experts assembled in Israel.

Just coincidence, I’m sure.