Hope, And Change (Part Whatever)

A lot of space enthusiasts have been enthused about Obama’s pick for Commerce Secretary, based on his support for commercial space. Unfortunately, his staff is under investigation for a pay-to-play scandal. I’d like to say I’m shocked, but there’s an old saying (and I’ve had some experience with it in looking for spaceport consulting work) that New Mexico is “Louisiana with jalapenosgreen chiles.” And this doesn’t help much with the transition, on top of the Blogojevich thing.

4 thoughts on “Hope, And Change (Part Whatever)”

  1. I went to school in New Mexico as a fairly ignorant undergrad. Didn’t seem any more corrupt than North Carolina was (my other state at the time that I had some experience with), though its finances and economy were considerably shakier. Since then, I’ve live in a couple more states (California and Washington). Of these, California seems the most corrupt. By far, I might add. I never heard much whining about corruption in New Mexico and I’ve heard plenty while living in California. Such is anecdotal evidence.

    Moving on, at the time I lived in New Mexico (1987-1991), Richardson was the US Representative for my region. He used to have this picture of himself with a great big cheesy grin. I remember one college roommate asking “Would you buy a used car from this man?” We decided, based on the photographic evidence, that no, we would not. I do recall voting for Richardson just the same (lesser of two evils, of course). So I guess there’s a bit more evidence that a used car salesman requires a bit more moral fortitude than being a US representative does.

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