14 thoughts on “Mordor On The Potomac”

  1. I think of it more as Lankhmar on the Potomac. Full of thieves and all sorts of temples to strange gods with names like IRS, OMB, EPA, DOA, with thousands of hooded acolytes chanting in a language only they can understand.

  2. DOA

    What a wonderful acronym for something that is sadly not dead on arrival. Somehow reminds me of people with a BS in Philosophy.

  3. “Why is it that the more expensive the hotel, the more they charge for Internet?”

    Because they can…

  4. The more expensive hotels are more likely to be patronized by less cost-conscious consumers, who can then (in theory) be hit up with extra charges, even exaggerated charges for services with tiny marginal costs, without it negatively impacting their experiences.

    In practice I wonder how well this works out. Even rich people don’t like to feel nickel-and-dimed (perhaps especially rich people – it’s harder to get rich by handing other people money unnecessarily). Non-rich people traveling with reimbursement may pay your fees, but they will also remember them.. and some of those employees and postdocs will eventually become managers and conference planners.

  5. Why is it that the more expensive the hotel, the more they charge for Internet?

    Apparently because you are willing to stay there and pay it.

    Complain too much, and Obama might make fixing the problem a top priority. At which point Jim, Chris, Jack, and Daveon will come over and explain why it is good to have federal regulation of the hotel industry to make sure hotels don’t take advantage of poor travelers. Pelosi and Reid will then pass an unnamed and unwritten bill that Obama will describe as the Travellers Freedom Act and invite Nick Berg’s family as guests at the signing.

    Obama will tell us that we can still keep our own Internet service provider, but the bill will create a new ISP that all hotels must use, and they must block all other ISPs. Obama will tell us that the bill will cut the cost of paying for Internet at hotels. However, as the federal ISP will cost $100B a year to operate; it will need to be paid for by increased taxes. You’ll learn this meme: “hotels will pay the tax, not taxpayers”. Democrats will set up a progressive tax system that has the more expensives hotels pay more, while over half of all hotels (or at least those charging less than $120/day) will pay no increased taxes at all. You’ll still end up paying for Internet at more expensive hotels to cover the new tax, but hey, that’s fair.

  6. Did Lankhmar have anything like TARP?

    Difference between the real-life and fictional hearts of darkness: Conrad’s savage natives didn’t yell “Redistribution!” as their war cry.

    How about Pirates of the Potomac? If I had the time and accoutrements, I’d show up at a Tea Party in Obama mask and Jack Sparrow costume. “It is my intention to commandeer one of these agencies, pick up a crew at Berkeley, raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer my weaselly bla- er, malevolent guts out.”

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