So Let It Be Written

…so let it be done. I don’t think that I’ve seen a president so intrinsically contemptuous of the Constitution in my lifetime. And that’s a lifetime that included George Bush (who should have been impeached for signing McCain-Feingold) and Bill Clinton.

[Update a few minutes later]

The new authoritarianism:

Much of the administration’s approach has to do with a change in the nature of liberal politics. Today’s progressives cannot be viewed primarily as pragmatic Truman- or Clinton-style majoritarians. Rather, they resemble the medieval clerical class. Their goal is governmental control over everything from what sort of climate science is permissible to how we choose to live our lives. Many of today’s progressives can be as dogmatic in their beliefs as the most strident evangelical minister or mullah. Like Al Gore declaring the debate over climate change closed, despite the Climategate e-mails and widespread skepticism, the clerisy takes its beliefs as based on absolute truth. Critics lie beyond the pale.

The problem for the clerisy lies in political reality. The country’s largely suburban and increasingly Southern electorate does not see big government as its friend or wise liberal mandarins as the source of its salvation. This sets up a potential political crisis between those who know what’s good and a presumptively ignorant majority. Obama is burdened, says Joe Klein of Time, by governing a “nation of dodos” that is “too dumb to thrive,” as the title of his story puts it, without the guidance of our president. But if the people are too deluded to cooperate, elements in the progressive tradition have a solution: European-style governance by a largely unelected bureaucratic class.

There’s nothing new about this, really. Today’s “progressives” are very similar to the original ones, from Teddy Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson, on whose legacies European fascism was forged.

4 thoughts on “So Let It Be Written”

  1. I like the whole idea, and I always have, that the ONLY day we are smart enough to do think for ourselves correctly, is the first Tue in November. We’re plenty smart in the opinion of the victors, on that day.

    Other than that, we’re to stupid to pour piss out of a boot…….

    I’m still expecting the current holder of the WH to find a ‘good and justifiable’ reason to hold off on voting this year.

  2. …make that…

    …to do things for ourselves…

    (I’ve got a toothache and the pain meds are messing up my typimg)

  3. Today’s progressives cannot be viewed primarily as pragmatic Truman- or Clinton-style majoritarians.

    Are we talking about the same Clinton? The Waco/AWB/secret gun registry/suing gun manufacturers Clinton?

    The traitor who tried to take our guns to turn us into a Communist state like the USSR to which he defected in the late 1960s?

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