4 thoughts on “The True Value Of Free Enterprise”

  1. It is [long past] time to contest the moral high ground.

    We can not let those that would continue to demonize competition which is the core of free enterprise. Government can only reduce competition (while claiming to enhance it.)

    It’s also long past time to get the government out of economics altogether.

    Consumers are the best regulators.

      1. The problem Trent is that freedom is not a very practical ideal. Your freedom and my freedom and everybody elses all come together in a muddy conflict that politicians can use to subvert freedom.

        Focusing on competition however, flips that conflict on it’s head to a practical use. It’s easy to show that everything the government does is anti-competitive… everything. This is the key to limiting government.

        Every time the government gives out a grant, they didn’t give a grant to the potential competition. Every time the government makes a new business regulation they are being anti-competitive.

        Supporting open competition and fighting anti-competition has practical value that benefits everyone.

        So freedom is the core of free enterprise… So, then what?

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