3 thoughts on “They Really Lack A Sense Of Irony”

  1. What they lack, is all of the kindness, understanding and openness, that they are constantly saying THEY don’t get from the Right. The Left is bad enough for name calling and derision, but the G@y Left takes it to near Nazi levels.

    I’m currently attending a church that is ACTIVELY fighting the NC G@y Marriage Amendment. (personally, I’m too much a Libertarian on personal living styles, to vote against it, but that’s another topic) In the 3 or 4 months that they’ve been talking about this, I’ve not heard the first person attack g@ys, g@ys living together, g@ys walking down the street, not once have I heard words like ‘f@ggot’ or ‘h0m0’ from any of the people working against the Amendment. The-mails they send out are clear, concise and they go after the issue passionately, but kindly.

    Most of them are sidestepping the ‘anti’ side of the PEOPLE, male or female, in a g@y marriage, and instead they are talking more about how they believe it belittles the G0d Ordained institution of marriage as laid out in the B1ble. (that side you’ll have to decide on your own merits)

    The other side however is quite rude, crude and inflammatory in the soundbites I’ve heard, and twice on hand held signs!

    I’m pretty sure the guy in front of our Legislature, with the 4′ x 4′ sign saying he had a Constitutional Right to ignore “…Small Minded Religious Hypocrites and B1ble Thumping Idiots”, didn’t really ‘mean it in a constructive dialogue that will allow both sides to go forward whether they reach agreement or not’. (or whatever the Left Wing mantra was when this Amendment was proposed)

    I saw a bumper sticker saying, in two lines,

    “Anti-G@y Marriage?”
    “Then you can go suck a…”

    The last word was left of the sticker, but I’m pretty sure I got the message. The Left is not just boisterous IMO, they’re intentionally rude and overly obnoxious.

    I can honestly say this is a topic, ‘being g@y’, that is at the absolute bottom of my list for even thinking about. First off let me say, I don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about the ‘heter0s3xualness’ of people either. As a rule, I don’t think about ‘s3x’, unless I’m ‘involved’ with s3x. I don’t feel intimidated or like the world will end IF g@y people get married.

    Until most heter0s3xuals get better at being married, staying married, and being monogamous, who are they to be setting the rules for everyone else?

    But it seems like there are people, on BOTH sides of the argument who cannot make a statement or have a thought unless the s3xuality of, ‘….THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE!!!’ comes into play. And it goes way beyond and started way before this Amendment politicking started here in NC.

    For me, so long as no one, g@y or straight mind you, is having s3x in my Living Room, or on my lawn, I don’t care what they’re doing, or with who(m) they are doing it. When it gets them a loan quicker, job with higher pay, the front of the line at a movie, THEN I get pissed off.

    With respect to s3xual matters, how, with who(m) or with how many should not be a standard for anything other than dating.

  2. Meet a new White House Czar: “I was a guild leader for 3½ years online, so I’ve spent plenty of time sort of herding cats.”

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