13 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor Debate Analysis”

  1. Rand,

    Yes, I am also disappointed President Obama didn’t defend Elon Musk and Tesla when Governor Romney attacked him.

    Mitt Romney’s Tesla Diss Triggers Fierce Reactions
    The Huffington Post
    By Betsy Isaacson
    Posted: 10/04/2012 3:47 pm EDT
    Updated: 10/04/2012 4:34 pm EDT

    [[[During Wednesday night’s presidential debate, GOP candidate Mitt Romney called Tesla Motors a “loser” company, lumping it in with bankrupt solar power company Solyndra, financially troubled green auto-maker Fisker Automotive and green car battery producer Ener1. ]]]

    For that matter I am surprised you are not defending Elon Musk… I thought you would post something about it. Or do you think Governor Romney is right about Tesla?

  2. Why should the government being giving money to Tesla? Or thousands of other companies. Why is it the governments business? Especially in context. Borrowing from China to spend?

    Now if they were paying for a service that might be a different story.

    Regardless of what the government does; Why shouldn’t Musk take money that’s being made available?

    Frankly, his mention of Tesla got my attention. I was thinking any advertising is good advertising.

    1. Ken,

      So it sounds like you are OK with Governor Romney’s attacks on Elon Musk?

      By the way, Refresh me. What exactly was the service SpaceX sold to NASA for COTS? If I recall it was just a bunch of reports on its development and test flight, stuff private firms usually pay for out of the own Research and Development budget. Really, its no different than if Boeing was paid hundreds of millions to provide NASA with its flight test reports on the B787 before NASA’s travel office allowed its employees to fly on it. Nice deal if you are able to get it 🙂

      Now CRS is indeed a service, but not COTS.

      1. Gov. Romney was attack the Obama administration. Tesla was simply included in the example.

        I’m being very consistent here. What business does the govt. have in giving money to businesses? Tesla or any other?

        What exactly was the service SpaceX sold to NASA for COTS?

        What’s with the strawman Thomas?

        1. You’re being obtuse Thomas, so let me rephrase.

          When did I say COTS was a service? When did I say I was for it? Are you confusing me with someone else?

  3. Traditionally, banks are one of the places you go for business capital. But that’s another problem Romney brought out in the debate. By making five banks too big to fail, other banks are being put out of business. Local banks that are in a better position to qualify the loans.

    1. Ken,

      Yes, I was surprised he threw the big banks under the bus. I expect there will be payback from them given what they invested in this election 🙂

        1. Ken,

          So you would be in favor of regulations that limit the size of banks? Or separate commercial and investment banks into different entities?

          1. No. Am I suppose to defend your strawman?

            Rather, I would let them go through bankruptcy. This why we have bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is where the government doesn’t help their cronies (usually.)

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