13 thoughts on “Arlen Specter”

  1. I first head about the passing at the other Ann’s; Althouse. I thought about commenting, and then realized that I had nothing really to say. Still don’t.

  2. I saw several things proclaiming him a MODERATE Republican. I guess that’s accurate if by ‘moderate’ they mean traitorous, underhanded or slimy. I was never a fan, still ain’t, even dead I’m less than enthusiastic about him. He’s still trouble and I’ll tell you why.

    He swapped to being a (D) right? Which means he will most likely still vote for Obama in November.

  3. by ‘moderate’ they mean traitorous

    Perhaps a retraction could salvage your anonymous NAZI like statement.

    1. Sorry, not so obvious. Perhaps you could begin by explaining what you think a NAZI is. The more public historical understanding of them doesn’t seem to fit Der Schtumpy’s comment at all. So let’s learn your definition.

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