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  1. But if history is any guide, they won’t.

    (Rand, I think you left some stuff off of that sentence)

    But if history is any guide, they won’t wage war on anything the Democrats do, say, or accuse any non-liberals of being, saying, doing not doing, not saying not being; in fact, the Democrats can pretty much do, or say what they want, when they want, and the Republicans, or the well known Party Faces of the Republicans, will just smile and try to be ‘nice’.

  2. Money corrupts. Open competition with transparency is the cure.

    Congress used to have to vote on their own pay raises. Now they don’t.

    Consolidating banks into one or a few superbanks makes the whole system fragile. Instead of breaking down randomly here and there, the whole thing crashes down in a national crisis all at once… and taxpayers assume the risk that should be a markets correcter.

    Small farmers and small businesses die when large ones use the government to put their fingers on the scales. This also makes the economy more fragile.

    It is corruption. It requires better education to be seen. They’d rather there is nothing to see here. False arguments for monopolistic behavior needs to be exposed.

    Open competition should be the choice at every turn. When it isn’t, the whole country should raise an outcry (if any don’t, they really do not have the sense to be a voter.)

    Businesses come in different sizes. So even without government corruption some would have advantage over others. However, regardless of their size, many others of about the same size should be in competition with them.

    As much as I love SpaceX and Bigelow; I’m hoping the market grows so they have healthy competition as well (not just foreign, but domestic.)

    1. I think part of the solution would be more vigorous anti-trust and anti-cartel prosecution. However given the current economic environment few politicians want to appear to be anti-business even if such activities are anything but: they level the playing field.

      1. However given the current economic environment few politicians want to appear to be anti-business

        Our president is one of the few.

        1. Or so he says but talk is cheap. In practice what he did with the banks and the auto industry was a lot of corporate funding. In addition I remember what happened with the AMD/Intel lawsuit: a whole lot of nothing. AMD settled for a sizable amount of cash but they will very likely end up bankrupt soon and they are just of the examples I can think of. They couldn’t compete even with a better performing product at a lower price. At a time there were even people suing Apple for their vendor lockin to the iTunes store but any legal action quickly evaporated.

      2. ‘zilla.
        I think most of the Dems are openly anti-business, half the Reubpublicans are openly anti-business and both sides take ALL the dirty money they can get from business in the cloak room.

        Let’s face it, EVEN Mitt Romney backed away from his business career during the campaign! Instead of saying he left business JUST to run for office, he just talked about how he created jobs and boosted workers up to blah, blah, blah…

        What he should have done was what Herman Cain DID do. Romney, and all politicians need to keep pointing out how ALL businesses employee people and provide them with a paycheck! NOT just the businesses Romney used to be associated with or that he ran, the simp! Even non-profits who employ people have a payroll in many cases.

        We’ve managed to go full circle in 100 years. The very same people who should be able to see that without business we ALL starve, or go naked while we live in the woods, are bitching that the guys who make all the money are just evil for doing so. And they overlook the fact that those same guys take all the damned risk. It’s stupid, short sighted and ultimately, it’s gonna sink us this time, IMHO.

        We live in The Age of Gump.

        Stupid is as Stupid does.

  3. Anti-trust has the problem of where you draw the line, but anti-competition could be clearly delineated as to what is or is not (not without a fight, but still.)

  4. Ken A,
    ‘Anti-Competition’ is the one word Campaign Phrase, used by the Republicans. The President used ‘Forward’, Romney used Anti-Competition. They were going to use ‘Backward’, but the RNC thinkers thought it might get them confused with people who are either 180 degrees different that the Dems, or who live in fly-over.

    (I no longer care about the topics, I’m going to use everyone of them to throw the RNC and their candidates out from under the bus. After all, they threw themselves under there!

  5. Apropos of this topic: on Friday the Republican Study Committee published a white paper on copyright reform that took on the unconscionable expansions of copyright enacted (with lots of Republican support) over the last two decades; it was hailed by many libertarian- and conservative-leaning outlets as a huge advance in IP thinking. It took less than 24 hrs for Big Media to jerk the leash and get it pulled. The corporate welfare queens who run the Republican party have nobody to blame but themselves for why the public at large doesn’t trust them…

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