2 thoughts on “The Dunning-Kruger Effect”

  1. I’ve always liked this reading of Romans 12:3 …I tell everyone there among ​you​ not to think more of himself than is necessary

    Which acknowledges that a certain amount of self esteem is required, but no more.

  2. I think there’s a huge gap between High Self-Esteem and outright Narcissism, which was the point of the study as I understand it from reading elsewhere.

    I don’t think just narcissism is the problem. Many of the people I come in contact have low self-esteem, but STILL think everything is about them. And regardless of the level of their esteem, they think anything that doesn’t fall their way, was aimed at them personally.

    A buddy of mine’s daughter graduated from college 4 or 5 years ago with a teaching degree. At the time it was a wide open field. but as money got tight, we all saw the schools cutting back. She actually told her Dad that ‘somebody’ should have done something differently about the economy, “…I just got out of school, didn’t THEY know I’D need a job!?”

    It’s more than a problemic or sytemic narcissism or high self-esteem when a 26 year old with a Masters Degree thinks a world-wide recession is aimed at THEM.

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