14 thoughts on “It’s Not “Game Over””

  1. “Time for the GOP to go on the counter attack.”


    You do mean, OUR American GOP?

    Not some GOP I’m not aware of?

    The American GOP, the Republican Party, the one founded in 1854, started by abolitionists, Lincoln’s Republican Party, the one that’s still around, still active…you think THAT particular GOP should go on the counter attack?

    BWAHAHAhahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! OMG, my sides HURT!!! Those kinds of jokes kill me! But, did you hear the one about the political party who repeatedly stepped on it’s own…

  2. Yes Schlicter is correct of course. But the question is WHO will be doing all this brave counter-attacking?

    Who is ready to throw his or her body onto the political barbed wire so their compatriots might advance?

    How has the ability to articulate….

    ….the clear view…

    …the skills of persuasion?

    Certainly not Spineless Boehner. He’s too busy maintaining his tan.

  3. Not gonna happen.

    The GOP isn’t a team playing to win. It’s a bunch of disoriented individuals that really don’t understand the fight they are in. Too many elites. Like McCain who says, “I get it” when the people bash him for not getting it. Here’s a clue. He doesn’t get it no matter how many times he said he does.

    We are looking for leaders so hard we think a NJ Gov that bashes the best on the right and cozies up to Obama is a good choice for president.

    We really are clueless.

  4. Yes, look at the twenty+ years of failure on gun rights, look at how the Republicans were beaten back by the Unions up north. If only we had some Republican Governors with surpluses to contrast with the amazing success stories of Chicago and Detroit, and, of course, the Whole state of California.

    Back here in the real world, I note that the current problems America faces began with a bunch of people, who sound a lot like you guys, forming “Porkbusters”, and giving control of Congress to the Democrats back in 2006, because Republicans were spending too much federal money. It is to laugh, now that the Democrats have shown us what out of control spending looks like (not that there was any doubt). So yes, keep frothing about how Republicans are going to fail, and take your money to the bank. You are being paid by the Democrats, right?

  5. We should never have reached this point. We have the winning arguments. What we don’t have is a majority within the GOP willing to stand by those arguments. Instead we have elites that aren’t a fig different from the dems.

    1. We do have the winning arguments. We have a majority in the GOP willing to stand by those arguments. Our elites are wildly better then the dems (How many women have died in the back of Romney’s car?). The problem is not the GOP. It is voters who let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Porkbusters, Immigration, etc, the list of “Real Republicans”(TM) who throw tantrums and stay home or go to third parties, i.e. Libertarians and friends, coupled with FDR’s takeover of the permanent government and the treason of the press, that makes Republican victories so hard. And they still have victories, time and time again, not that the gainsayers ever give them credit. We have never had as many governors as we have now. Labor when down in flames in Wisconsin! Despite their every effort, the Democrats have not been able to stop fracking. Yes, we are overspending, but that’s happening because people like you gave us Porkbusters, not a movement pushed in any way by the Republicans……

      1. No, Ken’s right — at least in Washington. Establishment Republicans have been captured by the Beltway culture and are too eager to blme their own failures on the insistence from outside Washington that they get in there and fight.

        Somewhere there is a Republican about whom the grassroots would say, “We can not spare this man — he fights.” (Or woman, as the case may be). But he/she sure as @#$!! ain’t in Washington.

        1. The best solution I can figure is to replace those congress critters captured by the establishment, but absolutely not with a democrat. Which means work to replace them in the primary, then fight for whoever is better in the general election despite their flaws.

          Unfortunately, the plurality elections we use don’t deal well with 3rd party candidates.

          1. Constitutional amendment barring anyone in elected federal office from running for elected federal office. Term limit of one. They can hold the same office multiple times, just not consecutively.

      2. Seriously, you blame the voters?

        Then please explain guys like my Junior Senator, Richard Burr, who went to D.C. as a Tea Party Favorite Son, then over the last three years has either all but disappeared or has inched toward the middle on almost every issue? And no matter how many e-mails or phone we’ve made,, he’s inched away from who he was.

        A prime example is their answer to those calls / emails. They used to send an actual e-mail or return calls. Now you’re damned lucky to get a form letter type of e-mail. Twice I’ve gotten an e-mail thanking me for my interest in “X” issue, when I’d contacted them about something completely different.

        I will agree that we have the arguments.

        But when the (R)s spend 3 or 4 months saying they are NOT going to budge on an issue, and the first thing they do is budge, give concessions and change their line in the sand, WE get screwed every time! Plus they show to the opposition just how weak kneed and spineless they are. And the (D)s know they’ll give in every time. Honestly. if I was up against an adversary who talked smack, blustered and then picked up it’s skirt and ran away 90% of the time, I’d be arrogant too, just like the (D)s.

        They stink on ice!

      3. You’re right- we should leave the big decisions to the elite, skilled political professionals who brought us the big victories in 2006 adn 2008 and 2012… adn not screw things up like those horrible no-compromises purists did in 2010.

      4. So we should only fight against Democrats to do the right thing but not Republicans? The same people you are ranting about swept the GOP to power in 2010 and gave us Rubio, Cruz, and many other great politicians at the state and local level.

        The TP wont lead to every election being like 2010 and they certainly are not to blame for Obama’s re-election. The real test is over the long term. The great thing about the TP is that they transformed activism into political action. They put up candidates and created networks to support and promote their causes. They didn’t just throw a hissy fit in the streets like OWS but worked within the system to change it. Does the movement have longevity? Only time will tell.

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