3 thoughts on “Being “Socially Liberal””

  1. I might have this put on a t-shirt!

    Lbertarianism advocates freedom to do whatever you like (short of harming others).

    Liberalism supports freedom to do whatever liberals like.

  2. A fundamental precept of libertarianism is distrust of, and a general desire to limit, the state. If you don’t hold with that, you aren’t a libertarian.

  3. I’ve often called myself “Socially liberal”, BUT, by the definition I use, that means I dislike “big government” social policies some of the right are fond of; getting government involved with birth control, light drugs, marriage, religion, etc.

    I’m all for individual birth control freedom. I’m totally opposed to having anyone else pay for it.

    Republicans are far too fiscaly liberal for my tastes, so Democrats are an utter anathema to me.

    Sure, I might agree with Democrats, to a degree, on one or two issues, but even there I usually find problems, usually because they want to spend money.

    And, I see no conflict with being socially liberal (by my definition, which differs greatly from this article) and libertarian, and being to the right of the Republican party on illegal immigration. I’m all for individual liberties for citizens, but that doesn’t, and should not, mean I would tolerate someone illegally entering my home and taking up residence, and the same goes for my country.

    I do agree that no one who supports Barak Obama or the D’s in the budget fight can claim to be a libertarian. However, I’m not sure the same can’t be said for at least a large number of Republican positions either. I prefer the Republicans on fiscal issues, though it’s only in the sense that they are the lessor of evils. (And I haven’t forgotten the Republicans saddling us with big spending and things like Medicare Part D, either).

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