Obama’s Un-American Beliefs

The NRA has higher approval than him because his (and the “progressives”‘) views are out of the mainstream.

[Update a few minutes later]

The bigotry behind the push for gun control:

We notice two things these three men have in common. First, there is no indication any of them have ever misused a gun, either accidentally or deliberately–in contrast to Marshall’s correspondent, who nonetheless evinces a smug sense of his own superiority over them.

Second, they all have eccentric political views, which Marshall’s correspondent seems to think is an argument for taking away their guns. Never mind the Second Amendment, do these guys even respect the First?

Not really. They just pay lip service.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Un-American Beliefs”

  1. For those who care, Feb 23rd is shaping-up to be a national day of protest in support of Second Amendment rights.

  2. I’ve pointed out before that in the formulation “those people shouldn’t have guns!”, the phrase “those people” usually means urban minorities or rural whites.

  3. I really do hope that the issues with gun control and the second amendment be cleared up really soon because it definitely adds to the tension of the whole nation. Personally, I do understand Obama’s points for his decision but the rest of the people also have good points.

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