6 thoughts on “Reining In The Executive”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how the 4 Progressive rubber stamps on the Supreme Court can rationalize and justify these actions. Or will we finally see some action by the Community-Organizer-in-Chief which they won’t uphold?

  2. Ugh another remarkably bad piece of law there with the Dodd-Frank Reform act. I guess we should make Washington, DC a “reform-free” zone at least with respect to the naming of ponderous legislation.

  3. Well it’s about time on that EPA extortion regarding the additives. That was pure theft.

    This morning I read that Rahm Emanuel is pressuring the banks to close down the lines of credit to Gun Manufacturers unless and until the manufacturers get behind am assault weapons ban.

    All this is banana republic stuff. Bureaucrats running wild making rules; politicians strong arming free businesses to get what they want.

  4. I spent several years in the vehicle emission industry back in the 1980’s. One thing I learned that surprised me was that the air was cleaner then than it had been 1970’s and much cleaner than it had been in the 1960’s, all based on atmospheric collections.

    But at the same time the vehicle emissions machines were being rolled out all across the country, there were air quality people in the EPA questioning the need. Now we’re over 20 years out from that, all the cars have lower emissions as do power plants and industrial facilities, and all we hear is how bad the air is and how we need more hybrids and full electric cars.

    So this line, “…a severe setback to efforts to clean up air pollution in the eastern half of the United States. There’s no grounds for rejoicing if you like to breathe.” Is a bunch of hooey and the sound of a guy seeing his job going away.

    1. Der Schtumpy, the guy making that ridiculous statement is just a career alarmist. It would be wonderful, if his job really were going away, but his whole job is to say such things.

      It’s remarkable how this set of ideologies can’t admit when things have gotten better (except as part of a “more is better” argument to pile on more regulation).

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