15 thoughts on “Global Warming Causes Asteroids, Part Two”

  1. Bill Nye is an embarrassment to the profession of Engineering and to the Planetary Society to which I used to belong. As long as he is president of the PS I will not renew my membership.

  2. He should have spent some more time bashing the anchor’s lead-in question, but he does say “No no” while she’s still asking it right around 11 seconds in the video before his microphone was up completely. Based on the question, I think he reverted to “Wow, I’d better explain some real basics to this one…” and got into root words.

    Looks like he was called in to talk about the asteroid, and thought that his disagreeing with the anchor went out.

    1. ken,
      don’t get rid of all of current American youth, some of them are smarter than this bubblehead. My 14 y/o, learning disabled grandson knew this wasn’t cause and effect. His actual words were something like,
      “…even if global warming was happening, how would global warming ‘create’ a meteor or asteroid? Maybe it’s suction? But that question sucks, not the global warming…maybe her question sucked the asteroid here…”.

  3. Just wait until the two major comets predicted for this year (MArch and November, I think) appear in our skies. They MIGHT have spectacular tails (due to being apparently first-time visitors to the inner system). I have little doubt that if they do show spectacular tails due to the outgassing volatiles, the question will be asked; “are they evaporating/melting due to global warming?”

    I wish I was being snarky, but this is a serous prediction on my part.

  4. Nye, like Sagan, a scientific whore to his politics.
    Der Schtumpy – Bubbleheads (military slang for Submariners), certainly those qualified aft, laugh at Nye.
    Arizona CJ – Show starts 5 Mar. All I’ve heard for the Fall comet is early Nov.

    1. Ice,
      I meant bubblehead, as in the song lyric from Don Henley, ‘Dirty Laundry’

      We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
      Comes on at five

      She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam
      In her eye

      I was a ASW tin can sailor [DD-967] so I wasn’t going there.

    1. That’s not even new. In 1910 Earth was predicted to pass through the tail of Comet Halley. Much hilarity ensued, as some people claimed that we would be asphyxiated by poison gas, and some quacks sold “comet pills”.

      1. Ooo, “comet pills”, I forgot about those! Hm, I have a big bottle of vitamins, I wonder what their resale value would be as “comet protection agents”…
        Just kidding, FDA guys, just kidding!

        1. Actually, you’re on to something. The nutritional supplement market doesn’t have to prove it’s claims via clinical testing. They’re the modern day snake oil salemen responsible for Americans having the most expensive urine on Earth. I’m not saying that none of them are useful or effective, just that they’re undertested and oversold.

          You can sell any supplement claiming it protects from the harmful effects of comets and there’s little the government can do about it. Just like lottery tickets are a self-imposed tax on people who’re bad at math, your supplements would be a tax on people who’re ignorant at science. That’s a very large market.

  5. Hark! Our noxious pollution is upsetting the balance of the delicate crystal spheres that carry us through out the cosmos. The gods will send us fiery messengers of doom to smite us for our sins.

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