8 thoughts on “The CRU Leaker”

      1. In the US there are laws against unauthorized access to private computer files, and I assume the same is true in the UK.

        1. Since the leaker is a traitor to the Cathedral, he/she must stay anonymous. The leaker doesn’t have the immunity from prosecution that climate “scientist” Gleick has when Gleick did the same thing to Heartland Institute. Gleick after all, is a loyal member of the Cathedral.

          1. Yep. Look what happened to Aaron Swartz.

            Personally, I’m really enjoying the pull-back from AGW the Left is undergoing now. It’s like when they had to officially distance themselves from Communism after the wall fell.

  1. Eh, I read through the article, but I still don’t understand why someone should step forward and claim responsibility. They’ll just be made an example of. As Jim implies, I’m sure a creative police department can find something to charge them. But even if we ignore that, there are some people out there who equate disagreement with the AGW narrative to treason to humanity or Earth itself. What will they do to someone who has gone beyond mere disagreement to effectively derail AGW efforts for a time?

    My take is that it is likely that whoever released these files and emails, probably did so for impure reasons. On that basis alone, that person would receive global-scale condemnation. They probably never be able to work in any sort of research field ever again. But they’d also face criminal charges and retribution (possibly of the lethal sort) from the faithful.

    Becoming a martyr is a lot to ask of someone.

  2. If this was an oil company employee who leaked emails about fraking, the left would call them a whistleblower instead they want them prosecuted for hacking. And what about the guy who hacked the Heritage foundation? Hero status.

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