14 thoughts on “Homosexuals”

  1. If trauma is capable of subconsciously changing all other psychological orientations, why should sexual orientation be an exception – and the sole exception at that?

  2. The origin of homosexuality is moot at this point. The genetic argument has to be accepted in order to tie homosexuals politically into the civil rights machinery. Changing it now is not going to happen for the same reason the government is still funding AGW hysterics.

  3. At least in males, ‘hedonism’ seems unmeasured as a position. The whole like/love and actual preference being dumped for “Hey, it’s convenient.”

  4. A few more data points. Men raped in prison sometimes turn to homosexuality. Population density turns some as well (at least in lab animals.)

  5. I’m convinced it’s nothing more than a contract negotiating ploy by a journeyman player on the downhill side of his career.

  6. I don’t understand people on either side of this argument who REFUSE to think that a males body can be filled with female hormones or vice versa. I have had both Christians and gay or straight liberal people who have argued with me, from their respective sides of course, that GOD / NATURE doesn’t work that way. Og they’ll admit that God / nature will spit up a Downs Syndrome kid or a baby with a club foot, or somebody will find out at 37 they’ve got ALS, all of which go back to genetics. But neither side will say hormonally there can be a problem with a human child.

    Oh, they’ll donate and march and sell cupcakes for ‘real’ birth ‘defects’, but admit that a baby’s hormones could be messed up, NO WAY. That screws up their whole argument.

  7. All sexual desires are innate and cannot be restrained. Unfortunately, most of them are either disapproved of or are criminal by our vile sexophobic society. But that’s changing. I hope more genders, including the semi-consensual ones, will soon be as free as homosexuals.

      1. The Pak could be considered male/female/neuter as well. And the Kzinti have managed the weird state of having sentient males, non-sentient females … and sentient females.

  8. Homosexuality is observed in a number of species, not just “homo” sapiens. (Ha ha) Regardless of whether it’s genetic, epigenetic, or what have you, it’s clearly biological.

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