5 thoughts on “The Backwards Trial Continues”

  1. Okay, so, up until now the state has been making its case, and its witnesses have mostly helped the defense.

    However, now it’s the deference’s turn at bat. (The prosecution rested its case on Friday). I guess the only real question is, can the defense make its case better than the state has already done for it? It’s a high bar to reach.

    Seriously though, this has become a show trial of the soviet variety.

  2. A further comment on this issue… the news coverage. I was channel-surfing the other day and encountered one of these court-oriented broadcasts, hosted by a blond woman. I think her name was Nancy something, I don’t recall. I think it was on CNN.

    When I tuned it, she was going on (and on, and on, and on) about how there were no bushes anywhere near the crime scene, just a few spindly trees, and therefor Zimmerman was lying when he said Martin came out of the bushes.

    What left my jaw agape was that, behind her on screen (including while she was pointing out the trees) was a photo of the scene, which included several trimmed box hedges behind the units, just a few feet from the scene. And while these pictures were the background for her, she was going on and on, in a really shrill voice, “there are no bushes!”

    If that’s a sample of what’s passing for TV coverage of this trial there will be riots, because anyone getting their news from drivel like that is getting a massively distorted view.

    1. I missed that CJ, but I did catch a CNN segment in the afternoon were they insisted Zimmerman wanted to take the stand. It was an obvious attempt to goade Zimmerman, or anyone who might know him, to take the stand and “man up”. Zimmerman’s already made his case.

      What I have seen so far from the defense case is simply shoring up the reasonable doubt. They brought up plenty of people to suggest the person screaming on the tape could be Zimmerman or Martin. We already know Zimmerman was injured. I’m not sure the character witnesses the defense called for Zimmerman can beat the character witnesses the prosecution called.

  3. This is all about damage control. The trial was initiated to avoid a riot and the trial is meant to dribble out the truth over several weeks to further lessen the amount of rioting. But make no mistake there will be rioting. What is the present government’s phrase? “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” In this case it will be don’t let an opportunity to steal a new TV go to waste.

  4. Um, what is this business of calling the dude at Mr. Zimmerman’s gym as a rebuttal witness. Is this to say that it is a lie that Mr. Zimmerman is a weakling and that he can press 600 pounds and could have easily swatted away Mr. Martin?

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