Radio Silence

We flew into Denver Friday night (and had a flight delay resulting in getting in at 3AM Saturday morning). This is the first chance I’ve had to get on line. Not sure how much blogging I’ll be doing before we get back on Tuesday.

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  1. It seems others share my delusion.

    Republicans have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pass legislation they’ve sworn they ran for office to pass … And they’ve done next to nothing – aside from playing along with the attacks on Trump or remaining silent.

      1. “Silence” motivated me, but I concede your point.

        The right is mostly not supporting Trump. If they were, they would be getting more done. That’s not a delusion. That’s how it works.

        Many are silent. That’s not a delusion.

        What do we typically call people that believe others are the delusional ones? Why are they all having the same delusions (delusions usually being idiosyncratic?) It’s not as if they are getting their talking points and marching orders from the media or Trump.

        When scripture says “in the abundance of councilors there is wisdom,” it’s not implying that all those would say the same thing. The opposite in fact because each has a unique perspective (leading to a more rounded perspective.) We are supposed to question what we’re told, not use it to reinforce our biases.

        When you say millions, you are including those individuals (on the right) making and writing rational arguments not just the ‘brain washed’ deplorables.

        Hillary insulted a lot of decent Americans and you’re beating her drum. Declaring people delusional, absent an argument, is a tactic of the left.

        1. Hillary insulted a lot of decent Americans and you’re beating her drum.

          So I should pretend that Trump isn’t awful on many levels, just because Hillary happened to find an acorn? Sorry.

          1. I can’t believe what you just wrote!? Are you really saying you agree with Hillary that those millions of Americans are deplorable?

          2. millions of people share your delusion

            I like being challenged because it makes me a better person. The reason it makes me a better person is the challenge often includes an illuminating reason. But “you’re delusional” does none of that.

            You aren’t just saying I’m delusional and Trump is deplorable. You’re saying your wisdom is not just greater than each of those millions (which is possible assuming some Solomon is not among them) but more than all their collective wisdom (the knowledge problem.) That’s not an accidental alignment of acorns. That’s the definition of the arrogance of the left. “We know and you don’t so let the state decide for you.”

            The evidence is that Trump is rattling the establishment (even if in some ways deplorable) in areas it needs to be. Plus he’s getting things done with almost universal opposition and flagrant lies. Imagine if he had a majority of the executive, judicial and legislative? (What a delusion that is, eh?)

            Why does hatred of Trump require throwing away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? because that’s the result, a fact, not a delusion. Once-in-a-lifetime! How often is once?

            Or as Rumsfeld said, “You fight with the army you have.”

          3. Why does hatred of Trump require throwing away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

            Who said it does? As always, I wish you’d respond to what I write, instead of what the voices in your head are telling you I write.

  2. What I find interesting is the dual narrative.

    1) There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of wide-scale voter fraud. Our elections are honest and well run.

    2) Donald Trump’s victory was engineered by Moscow.

    Yes folks you are hearing both of these narratives. This is the essence of double-think. If you wholeheartedly believe and accept both precepts welcome to the party! Invent these and you get to dress in black as a member of the inner party. Question either and be banned to the proletariat.

    1. Not really. Both statements can be true. There was no voter fraud (no large scale fraud at least) but voters were duped into voting for him. At least that’s what I understand from these kinds of arguments.

      1. Duped how? By exposing DNC emails? Curious no one has questioned the authenticity of the leaked emails? One would have thought that would be first line of attack. Not that the Russians “exposed” them. If you don’t want pictures of your hand in the cookie jar published on the Internet, don’t put your hand there in the first place.

      2. Both statements can be true.

        Then it should be easy to combine them into one true statement…

        “Our elections are honest and engineered by Moscow.”

        No contradiction there! /sarc

  3. Sorry Rand. I treated the OP as sort of like the Free Parking square in the board game Monopoly.
    Got some things off my chest that would have been relevant in earlier posts.

    On topic Red Eye rides are not much fun.

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