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  1. Next thing you know, the NYT will claim New Yorkers invented tater-tot hot dish: that super chic delicacy made with steak haché, Campbells champignons de creme with a fusion of crouton des pommes de terres.

    Alas, I no longer eat Kings Hawaiian sweet rolls with butter. Those are made in Hilo, Hawaii– a borough in New York.

    1. What are Kings Hawaiian sweet rolls? I’ve seen them in the store and they look to cost an awful lot of money for a small serving of bread.

      Are they worth it?

      1. They’re delicious. My family traditionally ate them at holiday dinners but not any other time. Pairings include grass-fed butter, sweet potatoes and smoked turkey.

        1. It’s nice with cheese. But personally I prefer to eat croissants.

          Whenever I’m in the US that’s one of the things I miss terribly. European cheese. Even the British can make cheese better than you lot. Then there’s that nauseating smell of HFC syrup emanating in bakeries over the US. Blech. Another nit: packaged salad dressings and thick lard ridden gravy.

          I suppose you do have beef jerky though so there’s that.

          1. I like that Europe knows bread should be fresh and warm. However, when in Greece and feeling the need for something more American I went for the advertised ham and cheese sandwich. Only it wasn’t. They made it with lean ham and great cheese on a warm bun. I was so ready… then they throw it into a waffle iron.

            Instant ham and cheese cracker. I ate a lot of those.

  2. I really miss the food in NYC. Except they have no clue about Mexican.

    Where else in the world but Brooklyn can you go a block from home, take off the one shoe with a hole in the leather sole, hand it across a counter and wait while it gets repaired better than new?

    Perhaps not anymore, but just a few decades back. These days we live in Toffler’s world. Only he forgot to warn us about the vacant brained youth. Even one of my doctor’s seems like a child that gets none of my cultural references. I know when I was in my 20s I understood the references of my elders. Anyone under 30 thinks the Beatles lived among dinosaurs… if they know who the Beatles were? (Weren’t they an opening band for Nirvana?)

    Elvis they know. He made movies and sometimes sang.

    1. The 1960s were over 50 years ago. It’s one thing to know the tastes of your parents, its quite another to know the tastes of your grandparents or great-grandparents. If someone asked me which bands were popular in the 1930s-1940s I would have a hard time answering as well.

      1. The 1930s and 1940s were the Big Band era. They had groups of really talented musicians and played a lot of dance music. Ever hear some Tommy Dorsey or Bennie Goodman? Good stuff.

        1. Thanks Larry, now we understand Godzilla better. I can hear the bugle boy and other swing as I write this.

  3. Kings Hawaiian is the Hawaiian version of Portuguese sweet bread. The original is denser and sweeter.

  4. If presented with a side order of Grits, do you:
    1) Cover the disgusting substance with a napkin and try to ignore it?
    2) Add butter and maple syrup?
    3) Add butter and pepper?

  5. I got some ‘bagels’ dropped off at my apartment. I sure wish somebody in this part of the country knew what a bagel was rather than these bread doughnuts they call bagels. I imagine you can get real bagels in FL but I’ve never been there. GA was the closets I ever got.

    Also the west doesn’t know the difference between a meatball and a ball of meat. I really miss food. They do have one place in Phoenix that knows how to make a meatball (owners from NY) but that’s 200 miles away.

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