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  1. A former company I worked at moved from CA to WA. They said it was for the ’employees.’ But coincidentally they had, had a number of former employees take them to court. When they moved to WA, they had a meeting with two of us to tell us the raise we would get when we went to WA with them. We both went (other programmers took jobs in TX.) Once in WA the raises failed to occur.

    I left them for a year to work at a CA startup that offered me 5% of the company (in writing, but not signed) that company did great but I never got my 5%. I ended up back with my former employer in WA (they had offered me the same raise they didn’t produce before if I stayed with them. Uh huh.) They didn’t offer the raise when I went back.

    This my children is why you need six months of emergency income stashed away.

  2. It’s funny. When I saw this story linked on Insty this morning, I said “I bet this will be a Coyote Blog story”.

  3. My wife is a retired nurse. Her job for the last five years of her career was doing case management via phone for a major insurance company. She handled the medical care of her clients and had nothing to do with the financial side of the business. Her caseload spanned several states and involved worker’s compensation insurance. She constantly complained about her California clients. Almost every one got a lawyer, which greatly slowed down the process because all of her communications with the client had to go through the lawyer. It didn’t matter if it was scheduling a medical exam or physical therapy, she had to go through the lawyer first. Of course, the lawyer was after billable hours but the end result is that even simple cases would drag out for months or even years. Of course, that’s what most of the clients wanted. They saw the insurance as “free money” and wanted to keep getting it for as long as possible. And to think, some people complain about the cost of worker’s compensation insurance in California. Things like this are a big reason why it’s so expensive there.

    Her favorite state was Minnesota. Her clients there always were asking how soon they could get back to work. They tended to cooperate with their treatment and were back on the job much sooner than most other states. They must have a very strong work ethic there.

    1. I think it’s the winters? In SD a neighbor lady next door could be seen chopping wood every summer. She was well into her 80s. She used a wedge and hammer rather than an axe, but still…

  4. Coming soon to Washington. Wont be easy to start a company unless it is in the VC class, which won’t matter much for Seattle but will be horrible everywhere else. The other regulatory hoops keep getting worse too.

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