Hurricane Update

We’re now into our second full day without power. Fortunately, we’re flying back to CA tomorrow. Things are slowly getting back to normal in Palm Beach County, but there is still a curfew from dusk to dawn (it just ended for last night). Our ice has essentially melted, and we’re down to the last of our pre-storm food, but Publix are open, and hopefully they’ll start to re supply. We have several fallen limbs to cut up, but Home Depot is out of chain saws, and doesn’t know when they’ll be getting more (the storm moving up north is likely disrupting supply chains).

On the cat front, it seems to be a lymphoma, but an aggressive one. The bad news is that the tumors aren’t shrinking with the steroid treatment, but the good news is that they aren’t growing, either, and she seems to be stable and happy. We don’t get in until after the hospital closes tomorrow, but should be able to pick her up on Thursday and bring her home, for however long she ends up living.

[Thursday-morning update]

We got in about five last eveing, had dinner and went to bed. Feeling much better now, and it’s nice to be back in CA, despite the idiocy of the voters here. Had the first good night’s sleep in days, to cool temperatures and the sound of our new garden fountain outside our window. Going in this morning to bring Rerun home, and try to get things back, as much as possible around here, to normal.

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Update”

  1. Thanks for letting us know you’re OK – I for one was worried. Sad about your cat; enjoy her while you can. I’ve lost pets (dog & cat) to lingering diseases – it hurts, but at least you get to say goodbye.

    Hope your plane takes off – I know you want to get home.

  2. Good thing this was less bad than expected and that you guys didn’t get caught up in it too much. Shame about the cat.

  3. Sorry to hear about your cat, she’s lucky to have people who obviously love her and has lived, and hopefully will continue to live, a blessed life due to that love.

  4. One oddity of note after the storm was a TV host (Tucker Carlson, maybe?) commending a couple in the Keys for riding out the storm in order to protect their livelihood (a fishing boat). It was such a refreshing change from the usual “do what the authorities tell you” meme you get from most people. I suppose it could have gone badly, but it is a calculated decision that we should all get to make for ourselves.

    As for your cat, I don’t know if I can take anymore heartbreak after the tale of Lileks’ Scout. Still, I remember a few years back when the vet was squeezing our cat’s belly, found something, and he had absolutely no poker face – it was grim and he said so, even though his face had already done so. Of course, you will get through this, not that that helps you much now. Best wishes.

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