8 thoughts on “A Way To Solve University Expenses”

  1. They have absolutely NO motivation to change this system. It accomplishes exactly what it is meant to. The solution is a firing squad for those it benefits.

  2. Meh. They’re hiring two students for a position and saying they have to take a particular class to be eligible for the position. I don’t have a problem with the idea in the abstract.

      1. The article even helpfully works out how many hours the student will have to work to pay for the tuition (before tax).

        1. The problem is its all about skimming cash to the left. In this case with a bonus useful idiot.

    1. It also depends on whether the class would be taken for any reason other than the job. If it’s just for the job, then the employer ought to pay for it.

      1. Probably just the same indoctrination classes all the other students are forced to take.

        The requirement just serves as one filter to insure that the jobs go to those in the field who have no other means of employment other than SJW.

  3. Many schools have these indoctrination requirements. People opposed to ANTIFA style SJW takeover of colleges should work toward making colleges allow credits from MOOC’s count as meeting the requirements.

    This would have two benefits. First, it would reduce the demand for cultural marxist critical theory teachers. Second, it would allow for some classical liberals to create a competing classes that would adhere closer to judging individuals by the content of their character rather than judging people by the historical sins of people who had the same skin color as them.

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