3 thoughts on “For Libertarian Valentines”

  1. Strictly ballroom has all the classic up the nostrils shots which makes it annoying, but it’s actually a pretty good movie if you disregard about half of it.

  2. This is quite a good list.

    I’ve seen five of the eight and knew about the now-borderline-vintage Don Juan DeMarco and the recent Loving. The former is a Johnny Depp vehicle co-starring a late-career Marlon Brando and was made before Depp started phoning in his roles. Still Mine was a new one on me, but I intend to look it up. I entirely endorse what was written about each of the five I’ve seen.

    James Cromwell’s frothingly rabid lefty politics makes his playing the lead in a libertarian-themed film (Still Mine) more than a bit ironic, but the man is a terrific and versatile actor. His range is well-illustrated at one end by the farmer in the two Babe movies about a talking pig and at the other by the sociopathic corrupt senior cop in the terrific L.A. Confidential.

    In addition to what was written about Flirting, it was also the debut film of the still surpassingly yummy Thandie Newton of recent Westworld fame on premium cable. In Flirting, Newton outshines the, at the time, eight-year showbiz veteran Nicole Kidman.

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