New California

Thoughts from Glenn Reynolds on California’s seceding from the coastal fascists. I don’t understand why the silly-looking gerrymander to keep Sacramento with the coastal “elites.” Set up a new state capital in San Jose or LA, and let the real California keep the delta.

[Update a few minutes later]

This seems sort of related: How the big tech companies went from “Don’t be evil” to doing evil.

[Update a while later]

Steven Kruiser: “Dear California, call me when the commies leave.” I love this state, have for half a century, but I hate its voters.

5 thoughts on “New California”

  1. Funny how we’re suddenly seeing serious succession talk after Trump’s election. Weren’t these same people mocking Texas in 2012?

    What’s even funnier is how the mainstream media still think they’re in charge of the narrative.

    1. Weren’t these same people mocking Texas in 2012?

      Yes, but, as always, it’s different when they do it.

  2. Yes. Of the two, the coastal state can more easily afford to build a new capitol.

    Or maybe they can invoke Kelo and take Apple’s new campus.

  3. Reynolds’ idea of having the Federal government put a ceiling on state laws seems to be quite an infringement of state’s rights. Would that even be constitutional?

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