6 thoughts on “Obama’s Legacy”

  1. Whether it deserves to be or not, he made it easy to destroy when he decided all he needed was his pen and phone.

  2. When he dictated a new regulation but didn’t submit it to congress for review, he set it up for the CRA to permanently prohibit that regulation if Trump now does serve it up for congress to spike. Talk about a rebound effect.

  3. To both President’s credit, Trump isn’t getting rid of everything Obama did. In the waning days of the Obama administration, he finally directed the military fight ISIS. It looked like it was more for show to satisfy his detractors but the military did make some progress. Trump didn’t sever these efforts when he came into office, like Obama did in Iraq. Instead he gave the military freedom to act without micromanagement from the White House.

    Since Obama was a renowned micromanager, I think we will find that all the scandals were directed from the oval office.

    But with all the talk of principles and constitutional duties to #resist the current President, we have to wonder why these government workers actively helped the most corrupt President in modern history constantly break the law and abuse government powers.

  4. The entire Obama debacle was the child of the neocons and Bush’s excellent adventure in Iraq. There was no way the most left wing member of the Senate would be elected President (even with the actual advantage of being Black) with a filibuster proof Senate if the far left hadn’t been running “1968” over again with Iraq in place of Vietnam.

  5. One of my favorite alternate-history fantasies is if Reagan had not selected GHWB for vice president in 1980. Maybe Jack Kemp, who was philosophically a much closer match, and an incredibly energetic campaigner.

    Reagan would have won 1980 anyhow, and 1984 would be a landslide in both timelines. Then Kemp in 1988 and (after sending Norman Schwarzkopf to Baghdad in 1991) 1992. Then it’s time for a Democratic president, so you see a battle royale between Mario Cuomo and Bill Clinton in 1996. Cuomo wins the primary, gets elected, but has a bad time of it. (Among other things, he enacts tight controls on commercial use of the Federally-funded Internet, strangling the nascent tech bubble in its cradle.) Clinton primaries him in 2000, fails to get the nomination, but weakens Cuomo enough that he loses to John McCain.

    9/11 still happens on schedule, McCain gets more deeply involved in the Middle East than GWB did in our timeline, and gets reelected in 2004 as a popular war president. By 2008, it’s Joe Biden’s turn; he kills the Shuttle but funds a solid lunar-return program for NASA. 2012 and 2016 go to Mitt Romney, who goes all-in for commercial crew. So we’re living now in Romney’s second term, with both NASA and private-sector astronauts preparing to land on the Moon before the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

    No Bushes, no Clintons, no Obama. The last four decades of American history would look totally different. All because Reagan uncharacteristically lost his momentum late at night on July 16, 1980. He hadn’t prepped for an alternative to Gerald Ford as Vice President, and basically got saddled with George H.W. Bush by a combination of TV schedule pressure, exhaustion, and bad luck.


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