4 thoughts on “The Jaguar”

  1. I’m sure the leopard is figuring it out. It’s sometimes been a hoot for us when we introduced a kitten to a mirror. They figure it out pretty quick, but it can be an entertaining couple of minutes.

  2. My maternal grandparents used to go on safari in South America, accompanied by Sasha Siemel. Siemel, who achieved minor fame by killing attaching jaguars with a spear. On one of their South American jaunts, my grandmother killed her own jaguar. My Mom still has a painting of Mimi with her kill.

    My Mom had a crush on Siemel, I think, remembering fondly having a pillow fights with him. I don’t know when that would have been, but I do know that Siemel was 40 years her senior.

    1. “Attacking,” not “attaching.” The “attaching” jaguars were taken care of with lawsuits.

  3. Many years ago, we had a German Shepherd that was at once the biggest and the most loving and gentle dog I have ever known. I held a full length mirror in front of myself once, and he immediately went into an attack stance. It’s the only time I’ve ever been afraid of a dog; he weighed more than 80 pounds at the time, and was more than capable of going through that glass. But he snarled, and slowly approached the mirror. I could see that he was picking something up, and rapidly calming down. After a really tense moment, he strolled the last couple of steps up, then poked his head around the side of the mirror to see what what behind it.

    He never reacted to a mirror again.

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