The New Oligarchs

Thoughts on the Wall Street Democrats:

…every time the president accuses Republicans of trying to “block progress” or of defying “common sense,” as he did that night, he is executing a dangerous tightrope walk. His party’s electoral fortunes depend on his making forceful calls for reform of our banking laws. His party’s fundraising fortunes depend on his ensuring that no serious reform—of the kind that endangers the big banks’ size and power—ever happens. That may be why the Democrats’ strategy of painting the Republicans as obstructionists on finance reform has gained little traction. By the same token, if Republicans ever did get serious about reforming the banks—and even about breaking up an industry that has turned into a Democratic war chest—they would put Democrats in mortal peril. There seems no chance of this. Obama’s taunts show a confidence, verging on certitude, that Republicans’ hypocrisy is as deep as his own.

Sounds like the Republicans suffer from false consciousness. I still think that low marginal rates are a good idea, though.

Note To Kevin Drum

I am not a conservative, though I do speak fluent conservative, which is why I’m trying to sell conservatives and Republicans (and the intersection of those two sets, which is smaller than any imagine) on the new program.

And yes, we did have dinner the other night, with Marc Danziger and Michael Totten, and others, in Manhattan Beach, and a good time was had by all (as far as I know).

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Clark Lindsey responds to the Charles Homan piece at the Washington Monthly.

Lutherans, No Doubt

Or maybe Episcopalians.

Eight have been arrested in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square bombing attempt.

They were probably upset about health care.

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More thoughts from Mark Steyn:

To the traditional who-ya-gonna-believe-me-or-your-lyin’-eyes cliches, Mayor Bloomberg has now added the inspired line that the amateurish loner with no connection to terrorism “didn’t like the health care bill”. I do hope they ask Faisal Shahzad his views on the individual mandate.

Any moment now, Janet Napolitano will announce that effective immediately it will be illegal to remove your sweat shirt in a public place.

By the way, there are so many of these isolated extremists and lone wolves, they surely belong to the United Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves and Isolated Extremists. So their cadillac health care plan probably has an Obamacare opt-out anyway. Very odd.

Why do public officials so reflexively dissemble and misdirect every time? In the end, all they’re doing is undermining confidence in the integrity of their own institutions. That doesn’t seem a smart move.

It could be because they’re not very smart. Apparently that’s not a criterion for becoming the mayor of a major city, or a federal official.

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The bomber had to have had help:

While officials called the bomb itself “crude” and “amateurish”, they now privately acknowledge that the preparation, advanced espionage and meticulous orchestration of events required to insert a Sport Utility Vehicle into a curbside parking space anywhere in New York City reflects a high-level of intellectual and technical sophistication.”

“You don’t just drive into New York and park your car,” the source said. “Without a real-time satellite video feed and agents on the ground in constant communication with the driver, that kind of operation can take hours on a good day. Even with all of those resources, the perps still had to count on a certain degree of luck.”

More evidence that it was sophisticated white guys. And they only have to be lucky once…

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It’s the Jihad, stupid.

A Tale Of Two Protests


Both groups were mentioned by the media one was dismissed as racists, whose protests nationwide might encourage violence.

The other group was mentioned as part of a nationwide nonviolent expression of popular will although in some cities actual violence took place.

I continue to be sickened by the biased media. It’s hard to feel any sympathy as they swirl the bowl financially. It’s exactly where they belong.

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