No Roosevelt

Democrats fantasize that Barack Obama is the new FDR. But I think that history will view him as the Democrats’ Herbert Hoover.


[Noon update]

Not that he can’t be usefully compared to other presidents as well, but the parallels I was thinking of were:

  • Had a major financial crisis in his first term, made immeasurably worse by economically ignorant policies of his own
  • Lost over fifty House seats in his mid-term Congressional election, and eight Senate seats
  • Lost in a landslide in his reelection, cementing the fortunes of the opposing party for many years

The latter two are predictions, of course. And Hoover didn’t lose control of Congress. Obama doesn’t have that kind of margin in the House…

[Afternoon update]

Obama the undergrad:

He doesn’t know much history (he thinks Muslims invented printing), geography (his America has 57 states), or economics (he believes you can reduce health care costs by adding millions to the public rolls).

The most important thing to this president is how you feel and what you say, not all those annoying facts (50 states, the Chinese invented printing, and you increase deficits when you spend more). And, like most students, when the debate goes badly for him, the president makes fun of his critics–when he actually lets them talk a little bit. Remember when he hosted a few Republicans in the White House so he could listen to what they might say about health care…and then talked twice as much as they did?

As a typical undergrad, Obama loves to talk, and loves to talk about peace and justice. You know, the really important things. His new nuclear policy is right out of a college bull session: “Why don’t we just promise not to use them?” Nukes are bad, ugly things. Doesn’t everyone agree that the world would be better off without them?

As Michael notes, grading time is coming up this fall. Expect him to whine about them.

Ah, Youth

This was kind of amusing:

On Sunday a group of Embry-Riddle students organized their own “Roadside Awareness Rally” about the new plan, holding signs along a Daytona Beach road with slogans like “Let Us Go To The Moon” and, bizarrely, “Constellation will REVIVE our WORLD’S ECONOMY!” (um, points for enthusiasm, at least.)

Constellation: like alcohol, it is the cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems.

Rewriting History

Apparently, Hollywood (and Abu Dhabi) are up to their old tricks again, demonizing and lying about the Bush administration, in a new fictional movie about the Plame affair. This is a consequence of the fact that so much Hollywood money comes from overseas, to make movies planned in advance to appeal to anti-American sensibilities. That’s one of the reasons there were so many troop-bashing and America-bashing movies about Iraq in the past few years, that bombed at the American box office.

It would be amusing to raise some money in America to do the real story, and see which does better with the audience.

No Shuttle Extension

Or at least NASA’s not counting on one:

NASA will pay $335 million to Russia for four round-trip flights to the International Space Station in 2013 and 2014 under the terms of a new deal announced today by the American space agency.

The contract extends previous agreements with the Russians that ensure the station can keep a six-member crew after NASA retires the shuttle this year.

I wonder what the termination clause is if there is a decision to extend?

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