Lack Of Empathy

Some thoughts on this feature of many so-called “liberals.”

I wouldn’t compare them to psychopaths, though. More like sociopaths. Bill Clinton is a classic example.

[Update a while later]

Here’s some empathy for “liberals” from Frank J. — they’re mostly not exactly like terrorists:

For one thing, what do we do when we capture terrorists? That’s right: We waterboard them to get them to talk and tell us where their base is or what their secret plans are or what their favorite color is. Terrorists have information we need. With liberals, we’ll do anything we can to keep them from talking. They talk way too much as it is and often in venues where it’s completely unwelcome, and we’d just as soon waterboard ourselves as listen to them (which is the problem MSNBC has with ratings). Plus, it’s not like they have any secret plans we don’t know about. What are they going to tell us if we waterboard them?

“I’ll admit it! ObamaCare is the first step towards single-payer and a complete government takeover of health care!”

Who doesn’t know that? Liberals are too dim-witted and too arrogant to keep any of their thoughts secret. As we learned with Obama, if we want to find out what liberals really think of Americans, we just have to slip a tape recorder into a fundraiser with elites in San Francisco.

Another difference between liberals and terrorists are sleeper cells — terrorists could have infiltrated American society and be waiting to attack. Liberals, on the other hand, are completely incapable of associating with normal Americans. Remember when John Kerry tried to go hunting to appear like an American? If only terrorist sleeper agents were that obvious and awkward.

Now that’s what I call compassionate conservatism.

[Update mid morning]

This seems pertinent, particularly to the discussion in comments. Dennis Prager: Leftism as a religion:

Leftism, though secular, must be understood as a religion (which is why I have begun capitalizing it). The Leftist value system’s hold on its adherents is as strong as the hold Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have on theirs. Nancy Pelosi’s belief in expanding the government’s role in American life, which inspired her passion for the health-care bill, is as strong as a pro-life Christian’s belief in the sanctity of the life of the unborn.

Given the religious nature and the emotional power of Leftist values, Jews and Christians on the Left often derive their values from the Left more than from their religion.

Now, most Leftist Jews and Christians will counter that Leftist values cannot trump their religion’s values because Leftist values are identical to their religion’s. But this argument only reinforces my argument that Leftism has conquered the Christianity and the Judaism of Leftist Christians and Jews. If there is no difference between Leftist moral values and those of Judaism or Christianity, then Christianity is little more than Leftism with “Jesus” rhetoric and Judaism is Leftism with Jewish terms — such as “Tikkun Olam” (“repairing the world”) and “Prophetic values.”

But if Christianity is, morally speaking, really Leftism, why didn’t Catholics and Protestants assert these values before 19th century European Leftism came along? And, if Judaism is essentially a set of Left-wing values, does that mean that the Torah and the Talmud are Leftist documents? Or are the two pillars of Judaism generally wrong?

As a provisional atheist, I find this fascinating.

The Insurance Death Spiral

I’m pretty sure this was the plan all along:

So there are penalties for not purchasing insurance. But there’s no serious enforcement mechanism allowing the IRS to make sure those penalties get paid?

Given the importance of the mandate to the health reform project, this doesn’t make much sense. The law was designed to expand the number of individuals with health insurance. But without the ability to enforce the individual mandate, any expansion will likely be significantly smaller than projected.

But remember, if you like your plan, you can keep it! Untilless your insurance company goes out of business…

[Update a few minutes later]

You mean they don’t have to cover pre-existing conditions? More thoughts here and here.

Gee, do you mean that when a multi-kilopage bill is rushed though without anyone actually reading it, there could be screwups? Who would have guessed? Certainly not some of the morons in my comments section, who think that passing bills without reading them is just dandy.

Every day, November is a day closer.

[Update a couple minutes later]

And speaking of November approaching, this isn’t good new for the Dems, though it’s great news for the Republic:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the health care overhaul signed into law last week costs too much and expands the government’s role in health care too far, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, underscoring an uphill selling job ahead for President Obama and congressional Democrats.

…Supporters “are not only going to have to focus on implementing this kind of major reform,” says Robert Blendon, a professor of health policy and political analysis at Harvard. “They’re going to have to spend substantial time convincing people of the concrete benefits of this legislation.”

This is hilarious. The president and the Democrats have spent the last fourteen months telling us how wonderful this plan is, to no avail. Now that it’s going to start to actually bite, they think that they’re going to be able to explain it better, and be more convincing? Especially when they don’t know what’s in it any more than they did before it passed?

And note, this is a Gallup poll, which means it’s “adults.” I haven’t checked Rasmussen yet, but I’m sure that the news for them from “likely voters” is even more grim. For them, that is, not for us.

Government Health-Care Testing

Will it be as good as Energy Star?

…this week the Government Accountability Office reported on its test of the EPA’s testing.

GAO obtained Energy Star certifications for 15 bogus products, including a gas-powered alarm clock.

Even worse: The GAO attached a feather duster to a space heater, sent the photo to the EPA, and got approval in just 11 days.

Now that’s government service!

I can’t wait. Will they tell me to take the blue pill?

The Green Pharaoh

See, he was just trying to save the Nile delta. I’m even more amused at the leftist outrage in the comments. But then, leftists, and particularly watermelons, don’t have much of a sense of humor.

[Update a couple minutes later]

I love this comment from Bernstein:

Jon Stewart is funny because of the ways he bugs his eyes out, and otherwise makes funny faces. Can’t get that effect on a blog, I’m afraid.

It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true.

Not Quite That Simple

The Navy has developed a submarine escape trainer. Presumably, it assumes that your sub isn’t too deep.

But while I assume that it’s part of the training, I see no mention of the need to allow the air to flow out of your lungs as you ascend. The pressure in them at depth is going to be several times that at sea level, and if you hold it in, you’re guaranteed a pulmonary embolism, likely fatal. Also, surface rescuers would have to have a hyperbaric chamber handy, otherwise those rescued are almost certainly gong to get badly bent (again, possible fatal, certainly injurious), unless the accident from which they are escaping occurred shortly after submerging. But if you’re going to float around for awhile before being rescue, bends seem almost certain. On the other hand, I guess it still beats drowning or asphyxiation at depth. Sounds sort of like an ejection seat for an aircraft — attempted suicide to avoid certain death.

[Update a couple minutes later]

I don’t know what current training requirements are, but I think it would be worthwhile to give scuba training to all submariners, to reduce the chances that they’ll hold their breath while ascending. Rule number one of diving training is to never hold your breath underwater. Of course, it’s an easier rule to obey when you have an air supply…

[Update a few minutes later]

Yes, as corrected in comments, bends isn’t (aren’t?) an issue. I’d forgotten that subs are maintained at one atmosphere.

Premiums Will Go Up

…and you may not be able to keep your plan. But what would the head of Aetna know?

And I’m sure that this is completely unrelated:

Americans have a pragmatic sort of optimism in adversity, and after ObamaCare’s passage, I figured that would take the form of a “wait and see” attitude. Democrats made a lot of promises about this legislation, and there would be some impulse to wait to see how this bill fulfills or fails them.

Certainly, Democrats in office had hoped for that kind of response, but thus far, they’re not getting it. That may be due to some of the unpleasant details that the media have finally reported. Businesses are having to take big charges on lost tax credits, and promises over pre-existing condition treatment raised expectations to unrealistic heights. Instead of making lives easier, the bill has already made lives more complicated.

The real test will come in Rasmussen and other polling around September. If 54% of people still want it repealed — and that opposition has remained relatively unchanged for the last several months — then Democrats won’t have anywhere to hide.

Wind sowing now. Whirlwind reaping in November.

[Update a while later]

Congressional (dis)approval ratings have approached the levels last seen in late October, 1994. Remember what happened a few days later? And it’s only March…

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