You Knew This Was Coming

Hitler is told that Constellation has been cancelled.

Of course, whoever made it falls into the common trap of equating Constellation with the human spaceflight program. I really don’t understand the thinking of people who complain that we will have to pay private industry to get to the ISS, as though Ares/Orion wouldn’t be much more expensive. I guess it’s OK to pay government employees, though, and cost-plus contractors.

[Update a few minutes later]

Alan Boyle has a roundup of reactions from…other people.

In Which I Agree With Robert Gibbs

Dick Shelby is being as despicable as any Democrat. If the Republicans were smart, they’d have him stand down. But there’s a reason they’re called the Stupid Party.

[Friday evening update]

For those unfamiliar with his (Democrat) past, it’s useful to know that he was once dinged as “Porker Of The Month.”

Again, if the Republicans are incapable of disciplining this kind of thing, what is the point in even having a party, or principles thereof? Did they learn nothing from Ted Stevens?

Good For Them

India has set up its own body to monitor climate change, because it can’t rely on the IPCC.

I think it’s going to be very difficult to set up such a thing that won’t be politicized. The economic and power stakes are simply too high.

[Update a couple minutes later]

What is really melting is their credibility. Well, that’s certainly indisputable, though I suspect that there will be a lot of skeptics and deniers among the watermelons.

[Update a few minutes later]

Why climate science is on trial, and investigation of actual criminal liability in England.

Really, as I wrote when the story first broke, it is the people who propose to pauperize us in furtherance of their political agenda, based on falsified data and flawed techniques, who are the real criminals:

…when scientists become politicians but continue to pretend to be doing science, that is the real crime. The theory being promoted by these men was being used to justify government actions that would result in greatly diminished future economic growth of the most powerful economy on earth (and the rest of the world as well). It would make it more difficult and less affordable to address any real problems that might be caused in the future by a change in climate, whether due to human activity or other causes. It could impoverish millions in the future, with little actual change in adverse climate effects. And when such a theory has the potential to do so much unjustified harm, and it has a fraudulent basis, who are the real criminals against humanity?

I think that the scam is over. I certainly hope so.

What Was Old

…is new again. Dems haunted by old stereotypes:

Election Day 1988 was only days away. Ronald Reagan was headlining a rally in Nevada. He said the options were the same as “when I stood before you.” Reagan framed the Democratic “choice” as one for “liberal policies of tax and spend, economic stagnation, international weakness, accommodation, and always, always blame America first.”

They are what they are.

Impaired Vision

Paul Spudis is unhappy with the new policy, and thinks that the VSE baby go thrown out with the Constellation bathwater. I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but to disgustingly extend the metaphor, the bathwater was so polluted that the baby couldn’t have survived anyway, and it had to be done. We’ll just have to have another one, and be more careful the next time. I think we’re still fertile.

A Brave Journalist

Tom Maguire explains why I delinked Andrew Sullivan years ago:

His big finish:

I want to apologize to my readers for dropping this ball. And congratulate the National Enquirer for following the facts where they eventually led.

There’s courage in that. Pulitzer-level courage.

Oh, there was Pulitzer-level courage in sticking with the “Trig spawned by space aliens” angle too. National Enquirer level courage.

For myself, I am stuck on the simpler theory that Andrew wants to bash what he sees as homophobic Republicans, not seemingly sympathetic Dems.

That plus (perhaps — dare I say it?) AIDS-induced dementia? In which case one can only pity. But still not link.

And actually, in Sullivan’s case, it’s more like Weekly World News courage.

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