…and change:

With so many Democrats running against the president’s agenda in the midterm, change will come in the next Congress, regardless of which party is in control.

Yup. If they run against this now, but don’t support repeal and reversal if they win, there will be new cudgels to beat them with in 2012, as not only Obama supporters, but liars.

Space Politics Alert

Henry Vanderbilt says it’s time to call your Congressperson again. This is fairly urgent.

[Update a while later]

I would add that other partisan spin for the Republicans is that the House bill would ensure our continued dependency on the Russians for ISS support for the indefinite future, and force us to continue to waive the requirements of the Iran/North-Korea/Syria Non-Proliferation Act (INKSNA), letting them evade their responsibilities to follow its dictates.

[Friday update]

Folks, you can say you want to support the Senate bill if you want (per comments) but the key thing is to oppose the House bill.

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