I Got My Wish

Parker Griffith lost his primary. Unfortunately, he’ll just be replaced by another maroon:

Brooks said in that interview that he was opposed to the White House’s plan for NASA even though it may result in additional business for the United Launch Alliance factory in the district, citing concerns about having the private sector being in charge of unspecified “national security information”.

It’s unspecified because it’s complete bull hockey. Why won’t the press call these idiots out on things like this?

Florida Jobs Transition

The Florida Today is reporting that Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will be in Florida tomorrow to make an announcement with Lori Garver. I have it on pretty good authority that it’s to announce a twenty-million-dollar National Emergency Grant. This is over and above the forty million that Florida is supposed to get, and I think that it’s 2010 money, rather than 2011.

[Wednesday morning update]

I guess it turned out to be fifteen million, instead of twenty.

The Space Review Today

A lot of good stuff today. Editor/publisher Jeff Foust has a report on this past week and weekend’s ISDC in Chicago, with a focus on space entrepreneurs and the new NASA direction. A young Belgian engineering student says that NASA needs to take a lesson from LEGO in developing space architectures (I agree). Alan Stern says that any SpaceX setbacks this week should not, and likely will not be permanent. Finally, James McLane says that we should do Apollo to Mars. I demur in comments.

Suing NASA

over global warming. It would be nice to see Jim Hansen exposed in court for the fraud that he is.

Meanwhile, are we in for a mini ice age?

If Eyjafjallajokull induces an eruption of Katla, that event alone could force global temperatures down for 3 to 5 years. But there is much more at work here.

We have just exited the longest and deepest solar minimum in nearly 100 years. During this minimum, the Sun had the greatest number of spotless days (days where there were no sunspots on the face of the sun) since the early 1800s. The solar cycle is usually about 11 years from minimum to minimum — this past cycle 23 lasted 12.7 years. The long length of a solar cycle has been shown to have significant short term climate significance. Australian solar researcher Dr. David Archibald has shown that for every one year increase in the solar cycle length, there is a half-degree Celsius drop in the global temperature in the next cycle.

Using that relationship, we could expect a global temperature drop of one degree Fahrenheit by 2020. That alone would wipe out all of the warming of the last 150 years.

Better fire up those SUVs.

They’re Not Against War

They’re just on the other side:

Upon boarding the ships, the soldiers encountered fierce resistance from the passengers who were armed with knives, bats and metal pipes. The soldiers used non-lethal measures to disperse the crowd. The activists, according to an IDF report, succeeded in stealing two handguns from soldiers and opened fire, leading to an escalation in violence.

Al Jazeera on Monday broadcasted footage from the Gaza flotilla’s lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, showing Israeli Navy commandos boarding the ship. Helicopters could also be seen flying overhead.

“It was like a well-planned lynch,” one IDF officer said. “These people were anything but peace activists.”

As Claudia Rossett notes, this isn’t about peace, or freedom, or humanitarian aid. It’s about making a terrorist-supporting political statement, with the added frisson of killing Jews.

[Update a few minutes later]

Here’s more:

In a later search aboard the Marmara, soldiers found caches of bats, clubs, knives, and slingshots used by the rioters ahead of the IDF takeover. It appeared the activists were well prepared for a fight…

…It appears that the error in planning the operation was the estimate that passengers were indeed political activists and members of humanitarian groups who seek a political provocation, but would not resort to brutal violence.

They won’t make that mistake again.

[Late evening update]

A photomontage of “peace” activists.

And it’s time for Israel to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy.

It certainly hasn’t bought them much.

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