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Stupefying Ignorance

Brits think that Israel is the worst country in the world. Imagine how bad it must be. Worse than North Korea. Worse than Zimbabwe or, for that matter, every country in Africa. Worse than Syria.

Simply amazing. The BBC has done its propaganda job well.

[Update a few minutes later]

It’s not quite as bad as I thought–it was an on-line survey. Still it amazes me that anyone can have such a stupid opinion.

[Update on Wednesday morning]

Melanie Phillips has a more comprehensive explanation:

Britain is gripped by an unprecedented degree of irrationality, prejudice and hysteria over the issues of Iraq, the terrorist jihad and Israel. All three are intimately linked; all three, however, are thought by public opinion to be linked in precisely the wrong way. This is because all three have been systematically misreported, distorted and misrepresented through a lethal combination of profound ignorance, political malice and ancient prejudices.

This systematic abuse by the media is having a devastating impact in weakening the ability of the west to defend itself against the unprecedented mortal threat that it faces from the Islamic jihad. People cannot and will not fight if they don

Blame Israel

(Sung the tune of “Blame Canada”)

This is amazing. The Vatican has blamed Israel for not providing disaster support, after they offered it and were turned down by Sri Lanka, who apparently didn’t want any help from the evil Jews. As is often the case, no good deed goes unpunished.

[Update on Friday afternoon]

Catholic World News says that it was a mistranslation and that the Vatican was actually criticizing Sri Lanka for refusing the aid.

Glad to hear it.