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The Weekly Standard

It’s shutting down, after twenty-three years. Probably a victim of its anti-Trump behavior.

Here are the three pieces that I wrote for it, the most recent being my obituary of Jerry Pournelle. When I read my criticism of SLS from 2011, it seems prescient.

There’s a lot of talent there, from Steve Hayes to Adam Keiper and Jonathan Last, and Haley Byrd. Hopefully they’ll land on their feet.

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Thoughts from Rod Dreher.


Maybe I should start taking it:

“If we consider our results and then we also consider what results have been achieved in clinical trials with cystic fibrosis patients, we are probably looking at the same mechanism(s), whereby antibiotics are removing inflammatory senescent cells and boosting healthy ones.

“Undoubtedly, our results have significant implications for potentially alleviating or reversing tissue dysfunction and slowing the development of many ageing-associated diseases,” explains Professor Federica Sotgia, a co-lead of this study.

Yes, undoubtedly.

Back To Space

Virgin Galactic just completed the first flight of SpaceShipTwo to space, if one considers the boundary to be 80 kilometers (it reportedly got to 82). At the Galloway Symposium last week, Jonathan McDowell made a good case that this, not the traditional Karman line of 100 km, is the right altitude. If one accepts that, it is the first flight of humans to space from American soil since the Shuttle retired over seven years ago. Here’s hoping that Blue Origin does the same thing next year (except they’re designed to get to 100 km).

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Here‘s Emilee Speck’s story.

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Link to the McDowell paper should be working now, sorry.

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Tim Fernholz has a story up now.

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And here’s a story from CNN‘s Jackie Wattles.