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Emilee Speck got the court documents. As someone who’s known them all for years, this is very sad.

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Here’s a statement from Christina:

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Here’s the latest, from Chris Davenport.


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Marina Koren has more at The Atlantic.


It’s the fourteenth anniversary of its first space flight. Here’s a blog post I wrote in Mojave the evening before.

[Update a while later]

The future ain’t what it used to be: Space tourism edition.

I do think though, that with Blue Origin getting ready to start test-passenger flights, it’s finally arriving.

And Then There Were Four

Alan Bean has left the earth for the last time.

I just saw Buzz last night at the ISDC awards ceremony, which was probably the most encouraging in the history of that meeting, in which (amid saving The Expanse for another season, with many of the cast and production crew present) Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, laid out his vision for humanity in space that was shared by all in that room. There will be a party tonight, and I don’t think the organization will have had a more joyous one in its history. It was fitting that it occurred in the very same hotel where the very first conference was held, thirty-seven years ago.