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The Out-Of-Control Judiciary

“John Bates has made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

Ignoring the absurdity of the overreach of yet another single district judge making a decision for the entire country, the administration needed no other reason than that DACA itself was an unconstitutional and illegal executive order. And as Mike points out, the three branches are not in fact co-equal. Ultimately, it is up to Congress.

America’s Next Civil War

will be worse than the last one.

Yes. This time it is a war between those who revere the Constitution, and those who hate it.

[Evening update]

OK, let me amend that. It’s a war between those who revere the principles underlying the document (limited government), and those who hate them. Because they are totalitarians. Anyone who thinks (like Elena Kagen) that it would be a “bad idea” (it would actually be a good one, nutritionally) to compel the American people to purchase and eat broccoli, but constitutional, is completely clueless about the philosophy and principles of the document. “Totalitarian” doesn’t have to mean concentration camps. What it means is that there are no limiting principles, and that the personal is political.

The Scandals From The “Scandal-Free” Administration

Mark Tapscott says they all have common elements:

Just as Holder refused to turn over Fast & Furious documents sought by Congress, the DOJ and the FBI have done the same thing.

Just as Obama, Rice, Powers and Clinton lied about Benghazi, so did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (appointed by Trump), former FBI Director James Comey (appointed by Obama), and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe (promoted by Comey) — when they signed the FISA applications and thereby certified the credibility of the material included in the documents.

Just as Lerner weaponized the IRS against the Tea Party, using the FISA process and the Steele dossier to enable surveillance of Page was a raw exercise of federal law enforcement and intelligence resources in an effort to harm Trump and thereby help Clinton.

Finally, just as the double standard of justice protected Clinton, the FBI investigation of the Russian collusion allegations led to the Mueller probe against Trump, even though it was Clinton who paid for Russian dirt on Trump.

In Republican administrations, the media are bulldogs. In Democrat administrations they’re lapdogs. This is one of the reasons to vote Republican.