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Terraforming Mars

There’s not enough CO2 there. Doesn’t seem like a problem to me; just import carbon and oxygen (and hydrogen) from carbonaceous asteroids in the belt. And of course, they have to throw this in:

If you believe it’s possible to terraform Mars, you also must believe in human-caused climate change, because it’s the same process. Even if it’s impossible to terraform Mars, it’s clearly possible to areoform the mid-latitudes of Earth. Because people are doing it.

Ummmmm…no. We’re not.

Meanwhile, Tim Fernholz says we’re going to have to be careful to not contaminate the water there.

The Unmasking Probe

Sharyl Atkisson wonders whatever happened to it?

I think there are still a lot of shoes to drop with regard to the corruption of the Obama administration, but expect the media to continue to ignore and suppress it. Her story is also a reminder of what terrible picks George W. Bush made:

To understand, it helps to begin with the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when U.S. intel agencies sought to expand their surveillance authority — for what seemed like all the right reasons. (For context, a week before 9/11, Robert Mueller had become FBI director; a month earlier, James Clapper had been named head of the agency that supplies image intel to the CIA, and John Brennan recently had become CIA deputy executive director).

I’m glad that Gore (and Kerry) didn’t win, but Bush was a disaster in many ways.

[Update mid morning]

Nunes says that the American people will be shocked by what’s been redacted in the documents. I wonder if Trump is waiting for an opportune time to declassify that? Maybe just before the election?