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New California

Thoughts from Glenn Reynolds on California’s seceding from the coastal fascists. I don’t understand why the silly-looking gerrymander to keep Sacramento with the coastal “elites.” Set up a new state capital in San Jose or LA, and let the real California keep the delta.

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This seems sort of related: How the big tech companies went from “Don’t be evil” to doing evil.

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Steven Kruiser: “Dear California, call me when the commies leave.” I love this state, have for half a century, but I hate its voters.

Media Leaks From The FBI

If this is true, he shouldn’t be “criticized,” McCabe should be indicted or prosecuted. They do this because they assume they can get away with it. A few vacations in Club Fed might put an end to that.

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Oh, he’ll be not just “criticized,” but censured. That’ll learn him.

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The FBI may have violated criminal statutes in it application to the FISA court. Well, I’m sure they’ll be “censured.”

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This seems related: Career civil servants illegitimately rule America. We really need an overhaul of civil service, including outlawing public-employee unions. It’s particularly horrible in California.

The Second Amendment

We need it more than ever.

Yup. The current situation is approaching exactly what the Founders feared.

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Mark Steyn: A total failure of the State.

That assumes, of course, that this wasn’t exactly what the State intended.

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Yes, it would appear that “liberals” don’t want to stop school shootings.

California’s Climate Litigation

It’s going to be a loser, on multiple levels:

San Mateo County claimed in its complaint to be “particularly vulnerable to sea level rise” with a 93 percent the county will experience a “devastating” flood before 2050. Imperial Beach and Marin County also claimed in their separate complaints to be vulnerable to devastating floods because of climate change.

“If sea levels were to raise that high, it most certainly would be catastrophic,” Epstein said.

However, bond offerings in the last few years by those counties and cities weren’t so forthcoming about those predictions, Exxon said in a verified petition filed last month with the District Court in Tarrant County, Texas.

San Mateo’s 2014 and 2016 bond offerings told would-be investors that the county “is unable to predict whether sea-level rise or other impacts of climate change or flooding from a major storm will occur,” Exxon’s petition said.

Imperial Beach and Marin County never disclosed the same information to perspective bond investors that was detailed in their complaints against the energy companies, Exxon’s petition said.

Making those claims in their lawsuits against energy companies – but not in their bond offerings – smacks of hypocrisy, Exxon is arguing.

As he says, cross-examination will be brutal.

The Tradeoffs Of Reducing Gun Violence

Thoughts from Dan McLaughlin:

Even if the mainstream media goes dark, there’s social media. Our exhibitionist culture may encourage disturbed people to perform acts of retribution that guarantee them maximum publicity; think of the mass shooter as taking a kind of mass selfie of rage. But that genie can’t be put back in the bottle, either, at least not without a massive campaign against freedom of expression.

As always, human beings are the real weapons of mass destruction, and the tools they choose are not the causes of violence. If we want to weed out people who might commit violent acts in the future, we need to scale back due process protections and incarcerate more people on less evidence. Although that too is a trade-off many of us would find it hard to make, we could plausibly target privacy laws that make it difficult to compile records on people with a history of threatening behavior.

Some don’t want to accept that freedom comes with a cost. Or they don’t care about freedom.

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Five terrible messages the media sends to school shooters.

Yes. They’re only encouraging more of it.

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Six reasons your right-wing friend won’t come around to your “arguments” about gun control.

People don’t react well to being accused of being evil and wanting children to die because you disagree with them about a policy.