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Number Two Is Number One

…at least for me. No, get your mind out of the toilet–that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the top ten irritating things that other drivers do. And hogging the left lane is much more irritating to me than someone on a cell phone. My attitude toward cell phone use is like my attitude toward drug use–if it impairs your driving, then don’t do it, but I don’t care about it intrinsically.

The Freepers have comments, and I agree with this one (slightly edited):

No.2 is the worst.

In fact. No.2 causes every single one of the other annoyances.

All of them.

The slow “safe” drivers are the most unsafe drivers around.

They are indecisive, scared, do not follow the flow, have no clue about the passing lane, and do not use their blinkers.

They cause people rage, especially because they will not get ticketed, even though they are causing the biggest problems.

Someone speeding 10 mph over the speed limit with the flow and control of a car is not a safety hazard at all.

Slow idiots with no clue are.

Little Far North For Rednecks, But…

…hey, I guess it can happen anywhere:

State fire officials say a Woodside-area man was seriously burned last night in an explosion after he poured gunpowder into a charcoal grill and ignited it.

And imagine my surprise to read this:

Investigators believe alcohol played a part in the incident.

Guess they left out the part about “Hold muh beer….”

And yes, these are getting more and more difficult to categorize. I need more categories, but I suspect that the need will be bottomless, given the nature of the world…