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Contrasting Anniversaries

Thirty-six years ago today, the day before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were to become the first humans to land on another planet, twenty-nine-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne departed this one, drowning in Ted Kennedy’s car as he left her helpless, at Chappaquiddick. It’s a shame that the people of Massachusetts can’t see their senior senator for the national disgrace that he is.


If this report is true (and sadly, I don’t find it in any way incredible) some members of Congress (guess which party) are asking the Library of Congress if Karl Rove can be impeached. They’re not just delusional, they’re fundamentally ignorant of the Constitution. It would be an embarrassment to me to have such a dunce as my representative, but somehow, they get reelected.

[Update at 11:16 AM EDT]

It’s for real. I expected this kind of stupidity from Conyers, but Barney Frank is involved, too. I disagree with him on most issues, but I never took him for such an idiot as this implies.

No, a political advisor is not a “civil officer,” and he’s not subject to impeachment. And of course, this is double stupid, because even if Rove were impeachable, the notion that an impeachment measure would have any traction in a Republican House is ludicrous. Of course, I suspect that, at least in Congressman Frank’s case, he knows this isn’t serious, but is probably good for fundraising from the moonbats.


Kerry Country points out one of the potential effects of the SCOTUS ruling:

This has to be a godsend for towns and cities that have been stymied so far in their attempts to shut-down any businesses, corporations, or private groups of which they disapprove. Private gun ranges, airfields, RV tracts, hunting preserves, fishing resources, minority religious congregations, newspapers — all are now fair targets for seizure and closure “for the economic benefit of the people.”

I think they’re right. To hell with stare decisis (particularly in a 5-4 vote). This is a ruling that should be overturned, or at least narrowly restricted, as soon as we can replace at least one of the justices who voted in favor.