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It’s not even to the All-Star break yet, and the Tigers have already won more games this year than they did in all of 2003 (this win today was their forty-third). They have the best record in the majors and are leading their division. I’m not a big baseball fan (or sports fan in general) but I do retain a lot of loyalty to the home-town teams of my youth (Tigers, Lions, Woverines). I may actually sit down and watch a few games this year.


On the occasion of Peter Diamandis winning the Heinlein Prize, I thought some of my readers might want to reacquaint (or introduce, if they haven’t had the pleasure) themselves with some of the great man’s books.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I do get a cut (assuming that enough people purchase some to get me to the minimum). Think of it as an alternative means of tipping me, while getting in some good SF.

It Makes Me Feel Old

…when people start talking about 80s nostalgia.

Late seventies, early eighties, was when I pretty much quit listening to pop music, so this is a conversation in which I can’t participate. The vast majority of the songs being discussed I wouldn’t recognize if I heard them. I have no idea what any of Prince’s songs sounded like (though I do know Cyndi Lauper and I remember Kim Carnes “Bette Davis Eyes”). But for those of my readers who are interested, it’s probably an interesting post.

Oh, and yes, I was also surprised that Callimarchus could write that with a straight face. I wonder what his wife thinks?